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All pieces in this Chinese collection are on view for the first time to the public and are certified as genuine antique items from this region. 

With tight controls by countries regarding their ancient heritage, pieces such as these will never again be permitted to leave their country of origin.   A full list of Chinese Dynasties is included.

These pieces are all highly collectable and make a sound investment, being intrinsically rare, irreplaceable, valuable and beautiful icons.

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Chinese Antique

Chinese Laughing Buddha

1/. Laughing Buddha Head

Huge laughing Buddha head, Lord Maitreya, Burma-Chinese border area carved from solid timber, gold painted, weighing 30 kilos (66 pounds). An attractive feature centre piece of any interior designed room.

Various large wall pieces and stand alone statues available from various periods, enquires welcome as to availability and price.

Chinese antiques

Chinese Mandarin & Concubine

2/. Mandarin & Concubine

Chinese Mandarin and Concubine ceramic seated figures, Ching dynasty - possibly Pu Yi period, 1908-1911, wonderful glazed pair totally in keeping with last period of traditional Chinese ceramic art.  Quote Reference Number : 2000

antiquities from China


Chinese mutton fat jade carved dragon and dog, with flat carving of oblong box on lotus flower emerging from tail continuing under the base as an integral part of design. The whole worked from one piece of jade, Ming dynasty.  Quote Reference Number: 2001

Ming Dynasty

rare Chinese antique

Tri-coloured pottery figures of ladies in waiting, one holding an incense jar, the other a bird. The two attractive figures are done with green, blue and light tan overglaze over a powdered unglazed foundation. Age of this pair is indeterminable but probably 1911 Pu Yi period of the Ching dynasty. Quote Reference Number: 2003

Chinese vase

China vase

Pair of 19th century hand painted Cantonese vases, circa 1870 Ching dynasty Tung Che period, depicting Chinese family, house and garden setting, in a riot of pastel colour with birds foliage and butterflies. The reliefs are gilt dragons. One slightly damaged on the rim and poorly reglued. Quote Reference Number: 2002

Chinese dynasty


Two Pair of blue design on white glaze small and medium sized jardinieres, pie crust rim, attractive matching pairs.   Pu Yi period of the Ching dynasty 1908-1911.
Small sized: No. 2004 Medium sized: No. 2005

Ching dynasty

Chinese bronze

Pair of Chinese bronze vases featuring a raised motif design. Note we have in stock one only of a slightly larger vase with the same design.  Quote Reference Number: 2006

China antique

China pottery

Individual pottery pieces, simple tan glaze small bowl and medium-size jar. Pu Yi period of the Ching dynasty 1908-1911.  Left: Ref. No. 2010  Right: Ref. No. 2011

Ching dynasty


Exquisite pair of hand craved transparent black and white jade tea bowls on carved rose-wood bases.  Unable to date this fine pair, as bases may have been added later.   Quote Reference Number: 2012

Chinese Antique

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Chinese Antique   Chinese Antique    Chinese Antique