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Kalamantan (Borneo) male and female primitive fertility Gods, solid bronze.  Quote Reference Number: 3034

Iran Jaya

Male with female close pair, Ambon Island, off Irian Jaya, Indonesia, fertility Gods from a primitive culture.  Quote Reference Number: 3035

Messages in Stone: Statues and Sculptures from Tribal Indonesia Messages in Stone:
Statues and Sculptures from Tribal Indonesia

by Skira, Alain Viaro
Hardcover  (1999)

Chatelaine's Antiques

bronze statue

Large Indonesian bronze Hindu standing figure with fan and parasol, circa 1920’s.  Matches beautifully with the two Goddesses featured next.  Quote Reference Number: 3030

Indonesian art

Indonesian pair of hollow bronze Hindu deities showing considerable detail in the cast and workmanship. Possibly representing Siva, this pair may be sold individually however the two will make a beautiful indoor or outdoor garden feature setting.  Quote Reference Number: 3031

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primitive art

Male and female pair displaying gender details signifying fertility ritual pieces, Irian Jaya (Indonesia).  Quote Reference Number: 3037

Irian Jaya art

Biak, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, male and female fertility Gods made from solid bronze.   Quote Reference Number: 3038


Indonesian art

Irian Jaya, (West Irian), now part of Indonesia, prominently displaying sexual organs for fertility rites of indigenous culture.  Quote Reference Number: 3041

East Timor art

Nickelled silver pair from Timor, Indonesia. Primitive Gods displaying gender, male and female.  Quote Reference Number: 3043


primitive art

Primitive monkey characters, carved from attractive natural rock in an attitude deep thought or meditation. Stand alone statues.  Quote Reference Number: 3044

tribal mask tribal masks

Sasak tribal spirit masks from isolated slopes of Ringarnee, northern Lombok, now Indonesia.  These masks are up to 1 metre, three fine examples in stock.


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