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This collection of Tibetan antiques is offered for the first time to the public and all pieces are certified as genuine antique items. The stunningly beautiful workmanship in these deities is evident in every piece.

The occupation of Tibet by the Chinese government has meant many beautiful spiritual symbols are on the open market.  Most other countries have tight controls regarding their ancient heritage, not allowing pieces such as these to leave their country of origin.

These pieces are all highly collectable and make a sound investment, being intrinsically rare, irreplaceable, valuable and beautiful icons.

Tibetan Guru Rinpoche

Buddha's father, whom many say is the founder of Buddhism, gilt and solid bronze, serenely superb piece of the highest quality and workmanship.  Sitting on a lotus throne holding a vajra in one hand, and in the other a bowl or skull cap with the amrita of immortality (a metaphor for the Dharma), with his highly symbolic removable staff showing his spiritual lineage, status & power. The finish on this superb piece has a warmth in the patina that only centuries of careful handling produce.  Quote Reference Number: 1004

Tibet antique

18th century Tibetan Chinese guilded solid bronze deity riding a dragon on a lotus base. This figure, probably White Jambhala, studded with semi-precious stones and beautiful ornate workmanship, is multi-coloured in lapis lazuli blue, coral red and flesh tones. Possibly representing one of the minor gods of the elements (water) or an embodiment of the astrological sign of the dragon. Quote Reference Number: 1007


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Also available: Guru Rinpoche, the great conqueror of demons in Tibet

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Tibet God

1/. Tibetan Divinity

Exquisite Tibetan gilt & bronze statue of the highest quality and workmanship.  Possibly Yamantaka seducing his consort (or possibly Hevajra or Cakrasamvara with Paramsukha) standing of the bodies of eight children, depicted in all her glory with her skirt of skulls and implements of destruction.   Circa early 19th century.  Quote Reference Number 1001


Tibet art

Tibet, gilt & solid bronze Goddess figure, bejewelled with turquoise, coral and semi precious cut stones. Standing on a lotus plinth, once again the workmanship makes this piece stand alone.  Circa 19th century.  Quote Reference Number: 1003



medicine Buddha

Tibet gilt and solid bronze, Bhaisajyaguru medicine Buddha sitting on a lotus position surrounded by a delicate and exquisitely worked bronze frieze. The base depicts elephants and lotus flowers. Exceptional workmanship makes this piece highly sought after. Lapis lazuli blue hair. Circa 19th century.  Quote Reference Number: 1009


Tibetan antiques

6/. Tibetan Manjusri Bodhisttva in Lotus Position

Tibetan gilt and solid bronze statue studded with semi-precious stones sitting in Lotus position on his throne. Lapis lazuli blue hair, flesh tones. The fine detail in facial expression, especially the eyes and mouth is evident even in these photos. The mandorla or flame aureola & the upright sword suggests this may be a wrathful divinity, possibly a Manjusri Bodhisttva such as fudo Myo-o or emanation of Acalantha. With his removable gilt sword and ornate backdrop, this piece is superb. Circa 18th century.  Quote Reference Number: 1010

tibet art


7/. Tibetan Four-Headed Protective Deity

Tibetan, gold and solid bronze, this four headed eight armed deity from the 18th century sat astride a horned multi-creatured beast. The incredibly stunning workmanship shows in the casting and gilt-work is finished to perfection with the painted faces and semi-precious stones. Another highly collectable piece, possibly Usnisavijaya (or Heruka). Quote Reference Number: 1011

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