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Art in China Art in China
(Oxford History of Art Series)
by Craig Clunas
Paperback (1997)
Chinese Art Chinese Art
(World of Art)
by Mary Tregear
Paperback (1997)
The fine arts of China are often ignored by the Western world, from jade tablets, painted silk hand scrolls and fans to ink and lacquer paintings and calligraphy.
Art in China offers a novel look and comprehensive examination of all aspects of Chinese art, including art found in tombs to the state-controlled art of the Mao Zedong era.
At a time when interest in China has never been greater, this revised edition of Mary Tregear's authoritative survey of the Chinese visual arts will be welcomed by art lovers, travelers, and students alike. Generously illustrated and eminently readable, it covers not only bronzes, jades, calligraphy, and painting, but also Buddhist sculpture, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, lacquer, garden design, and architecture.

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Treasures of Chinese Glass Qing Dynasty Glass in the Lna and Sanford Gadient Collection Treasures of Chinese Glass Qing Dynasty Glass in the Lna and Sanford Gadient Collection
by Jana Volf
Hardcover (1997)

Catalog of an exhibition showcasing selections of Qing dynasty Chinese glass from the collection of Ina and Sandford Gadient. Amassed over 25 years and consisting more than 200 pieces, their collection represents one of varied and remarkable private collections of Chinese glass.

The Arts of China The Arts of China
by Michael Sullivan
Paperback (1984)

For the fourth edition of his much-heralded The Arts of China, last published in 1984, Michael Sullivan has thoroughly revised and expanded this classic history of Chinese art from the Neolithic period to the 1990s. He draws on archaeological discoveries in the last two decades of the prehistoric and ancient Chinese civilizations. At the same time, research on more recent dynasties has led to fresh interpretations of well-documented historical events and artworks. Also, China's dramatic opening to the outside world since the 1980s has triggered an explosion of contemporary Chinese art, on which Sullivan is the foremost Western authority.

Miller's Chinese & Japanese Antiques Buyer's Guide
by Peter Wain, Jo Wood
Hardcover (1999)

Oriental Antiques and Art:
An Identification and Value Guide
by Sandra Andacht
Paperback (1987)

The Arts of China
by Michael Sullivan
Paperback (1984)

The British Museum Book of Chinese Art
by Jessica Rawson, Anne Farrer, Jane Portal
Paperback (1996)

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