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Artefacts from the Indo-Chinese region of Asia are eagerly sought by art collectors from all over the world and as investments are constantly increasing in value.   Pieces represented in this collection are from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Mandalay.  The thumb-nailed images will lead you to a full sized image, a further description and ordering information for each piece.

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Burmese Ra

1/. Burmese Goddess Ra

Goddess Ra, Burma, circa 18th Century, gilt on bronze, exquisite detail, fine workmanship, mounted on non-original wooden base, classic Burmese design of Ra the Archer, possibly Mandalay area.  Quote Reference Number: 0225

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Thai Mandolin player

2/. Thai Mandolin & Flute Players

A set of two, depicting Pa Apie Ma Nee the Thai flute player accompanied by a mandolin player, these complimentary musicians, gilt bronze from Thailand, circa 19th century, deep patina verdigris in keeping with their age. Quote Reference Number: 0226

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3/. Vietnamese Crystal Dancers

Traditional fertility dance & pose from Vietnam, bronze & living crystal, circa 20th century, province Da Lat central highlands. Quote Reference No. 0345

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4/. Mandalay Tribeswoman

Mandalay (Burma) represents Shan tribeswoman, native tribal woman with the neck rings (similar to Central African tribeswomen), unique culture of the central highlands of Maymyo, Burma, circa 1902. Quote Reference No. 0387 - Sold

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Chang Mai

5/. Chang Mai Calvary Warrior

Indo-Chinese, Chang Mai, northern Thailand, circa late 18th Century , Thai calvary figure mounted on a pony, solid bronze.  Quote Reference Number: 0389

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Buddha head

6/. Buddha Head

Buddha head, Khmer style, hollow bronze, patina in keeping with age, circa 19th century.  Quote Reference Number: 0392

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Burma temple

7/. Burmese Sacred Tomb

Burma, hollow bronze, appears to be a sculptural form of the Buddha's miraculous teachings in the Tushita Heaven or alternatively the events surrounding the miracle of the mango.  Depicting a pagoda with 4 Buddas in Padmasan (yoga posture) in Burmese pagoda style encasing a Lama presenting a scroll. Circa 17th century.  Quote Reference Number: 0404

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Hindu bell

8/. Hindu Bell

Hindu god surmounting a fully enclosed bell, primitive casting circa 19th century, with delicate resonance.  Quote Reference Number: 0409

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Hindu God

9/. Hindu God

Hindu God, hollow bronze, boar with tusks contemplating his navel and in Padmasan yoga position.  Circa 19th century, possibly earlier, primitive casting.  Quote Reference Number: 0411

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9/. Thai Hindu Goddess

Thailand, Hindu Goddess, hollow cast bronze, three headed sitting in Lotus position on a Lotus throne holding a shell. Circa 1800’s.   Quote Reference Number: 0412

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10/. Thai Rattanakosin Buddha

Thai Rattanakosin Buddha standing, Temple piece, solid bronze and gold rubbed with traces of gold and miniature cut mirrors, showing signs of earlier repair between base and statue.  Quote Reference Number: 0418

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Lord Buddha

11/. Lord Buddha in Lotus Position

Lord Buddha sitting in Lotus position on lotus throne, primitive hollow cast bronze with verdigris consistent with age, wonderful decorative piece, circa early 20th century.   Quote Reference Number: 0428

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Buddha Oil Lamp

12/. Buddha Oil Lamp

Bronze, primitive cast, hollow functional oil lamp depicting peacock feathers surmounting a delicate bowl, lid comprising of Buddha seated in Lotus position. Circa late 19th century.  Quote Reference Number: 0420

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Oil Lamp

13/. Thai Wooden Buddha

Thai Buddha, wooden hand carved seated in Lotus throne in Dhyansana, slightly damaged with age, circa early 20th century, excellent craftsmanship in its simplicity.  Quote Reference Number: 0421

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14/. Hindu God Ganesh

Hindu God Ganesh, well cast hollow bronze, verdigris with age, elephant headed boy God with four arms holding the instruments of his education. Indo-China, Circa early 19th century.  Quote Reference Number: 0423

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thai bridal pair

15/. Thai Bridal Pair

Thai bronze bridal pair in outdoor setting.

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one of my favourites

16/. Burmese Jambupati Buddha

This beautiful piece in total harmony with itself from Burma is a sitting Jambupati Buddha, radiating peace and harmony. Sometimes this image became conflated with Bhaisajyaguru or the medicine Buddha.  Solid copper showing traces of verdigris. Circa 18th century.

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