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Salvador Dali
His life, work and art
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Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Spain in 1904 and would later spend most of his life in France and the US. An eccentric, Dali wrote in his diary two years before entering art school in the early 1920s "perhaps I'll be despised and misunderstood ... but I'll be a great genius”. MoreSalvador Dali

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Dali by Taschen Staff, et al
Dali (World of Art) by Dawn Ades, Salvador Dali
Diary of a Genius by Salvador Dali
The Secret Life of Salvador Dali by Salvador Dali, Haakon Chevalier
Dali DVD
The Definitive Dali VHS ~ Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali:
Catalogue Raisonne of Prints II Lithographs
and Wood Engravings

Ralf Michler, Lutz Lopsinger
Hardcover (1997)

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Dali : The Paintings

The Secret Life of Salvador Dali


The Definitive Dali  


Picture StoreSleepPicture StoreSacrament of the Last Supper Picture StoreThe Persistence of Memory 1931
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by Robert S. Lubar, et al
  The Persistence of Memory:
  A Biography of Dali

~Meredith Etherington-Smith

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See our Art World Shop - featured artists include:
Pablo Picasso
- Leonardo da Vinci - Marc Chagall - Vincent van Gogh