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Baseball Red Sox Babe Ruth Memorabilia

 April 18, 1923 
The Babe's spectacular home run in Yankee Stadium's first game is often recalled as one of the most dramatic moments in sports history. Known as "The House that Ruth Built," the most revered venue in sports, Yankee Stadium opened amidst great fanfare with a game against the Boston Red Sox that historic day.


Also from that historic opening day is a very scarce April 18, 1923 Yankee Stadium Opening Day Program. In very good condition overall, the program was estimated to sell at Sotheby's New York for $3/5,000. 

 Other relics from "The House that Ruth Built" are an original Yankee Stadium Seat (in "Yankee blue") (est. $1,500/2,000) and Home Plate from Yankee Stadium circa 1923-1973 which was removed during the 1973-74 renovation project and which is sold from the personal collection of former Kansas City Royals owner Avron B. Fogelman (est. $50/75,000).

April 18, 1923 Yankee Stadium - An unprecedented crowd of 74,000 were on hand with nearly 25,000 more fans being turned away at the gates.

 All eyes were on the great Bambino, who upon emerging from the clubhouse and taking the field for the first time, proclaimed "This is some ball yard!" Prior to the game, Ruth set the stage with his famous quote, "I'd give a year of my life if I could hit a home run in the first game in this new park."

 In the third inning, Ruth gave the fans and the rest of the world exactly what they wanted with a blistering line drive shot into the right field bleachers. The jubilant crowd erupted as Ruth rounded the bases, completing the baptism of Yankee Stadium in storybook fashion. "The House that Ruth Built" has since been the home of 25 championship teams and 98 World Series games in the 20th century.


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