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2013 41st Annual New York International Numismatic Convention

41st Annual New York International Numismatic Convention

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is pleased to announce its participation in the 41st annual New York International Numismatic Convention. The fair runs from January 10th through January 13th at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

New York, New York January 04, 2013 - Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is pleased to announce its participation in the 41st annual New York International Numismatic Convention. From Thursday January 10th through Sunday January 14th, Hixenbaugh Ancient Art will exhibit its fine quality authentic antiquities and ancient coins on the 18th floor of New York’s historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The New York International Numismatic Convention is the United States’ most prestigious numismatic events. With over 100 participants, the convention offers a wide variety of numismatics from modern coinage through antiquity. The event also includes a full range of educational programs, a special numismatic literature sale and multiple auctions conducted by many leading numismatic auction houses from around the world.

Picture shows Domitian 81-96 AD

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art will be exhibiting its collection of ancient coins and a representative sample of its desirable ancient objects at this year’s convention. Ancient coins are highly collectible for their direct ties to the past as well as their artistic appeal. Ancient coins were not merely used to facilitate commerce but also to spread propaganda. Much thought was given to the meaning behind the imagery on ancient coinage. As such, the coins were very artfully designed. Much information about ancient cultures can be gleaned from reading and interpreting ancient coins. In addition to ancient coins, several newly acquired ancient Greek helmets, as well as many other fine quality ancient objects, will also be on display.

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is participating in this fair for its 9th consecutive year and is pleased for the opportunity to exhibit once again. Gallery director, Randall Hixenbaugh stated, “The New York International Numismatic Convention is a great way to start to the new year. Ancient Coins provide us with a unique glimpse into the traditions and beliefs of ancient cultures as interesting miniature works of art that passed through the hands of our ancient ancestors.” Our coins as well as many other important antiquities are on view and available at our New York gallery (Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm) and can be viewed on our web site (


Hixenbaugh Ancient Art Ltd, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is dedicated to handling fine authentic antiquities (Roman, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Neolithic and Greek Art). All of the pieces we handle are legally acquired, in complete accordance with US and international regulations and laws concerning the import and sale of ancient objects. All objects are guaranteed genuine and as described. Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is a member of the Art and Antique Dealers League of America (AADLA), the Confederation Internationale des Negociants en Oeuvres d'Art (CINOA), the Appraisers Association of America(AAA), and the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA).
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At Hixenbaugh Ancient Art, we believe that responsible collecting of antiquities is not only a pleasurable pursuit and wise investment, but an important responsibility. Today's collectors are custodians of the past, links in a chain, preserving the past for future generations by passing their collections on to their heirs, reselling them to eager collectors, or donating them to museums. In doing so, the collector of ancient art reaps the many benefits of acquiring truly unique and thought provoking objects that have come down to us from the ancients, whose influences pervade every aspect of the modern world.
If you would like more information about this topic contact Robert O’Donnell or Randall Hixenbaugh at (212) 861-9743 or info(at)hixenbaugh(dot)net.


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