Asian works of art are fine and decorative art produced throughout Asia, including Tibet & India.


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Asian works of art are fine and decorative art produced throughout Asia, including Tibet & India.
Examples include paintings and prints, ceramics, metalwork, sculpture, carvings, and furniture.

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thangkas and statues

One of the best deals in the collectibles market are the beautiful Tibetan thangkas and statues.  These are made by the Tibetans in exile and help support their refugee community.  The genuine thangka paintings are stunningly beautiful, will increase in value and the sale go to help a worthwhile cause.

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Bat Trang incense burner, 16th centuryWhy Collect Asian Art? -  It's not uncommon for collectors — both experienced and novice — to be intimidated by Asian art. That's unfortunate because this fascinating field offers collectors many advantages over more conventional disciplines.

Ancient Civilizations, New Worlds: A Practical Introduction to Collecting Asian Art - Asia is home to some of the world's oldest civilizations, and also to some of its most exhilarating modern artistic finds. For many collectors, particularly in the West, Asian art offers intriguing insight into the vibrant history and living traditions of Asia's many cultures.

Chinese jade - The Chinese have cherished jade for thousands of years. Considered the most desirable of stones, jade has long been associated with the mystical powers that heal, bring good luck and bestow immortality.

Chinoiserie explained - The exotic appeal - and great expense - of imported Chinese wares inspired European craftsmen of the 17th and 18th century to use oriental motifs and details in creating their own hybrid style.

Japanese Woodblock Art Prints - One of the most popular forms of oriental art, the woodblock print offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of 19th-century Japan.

Japanese Inro - The inro (literally a 'seal-basket') is a portable container with a number of interlocking sections. It was first used in China for holding personal seals and paste, and was probably brought to Japan some time in the 14th century.

Soft metal netsukeJapanese Netsuke - Although they were originally made as a dress accessory, the lively and intricate carvings of netsuke have been readily accepted as art objects in the West for more than a century.

Gongs and Table Bells - Strategically placed in the hall, the gong summoned family and guests to meals; the servants were then called with a table bell.

Chinese painted enamel snuff bottle, Qianlong period, c. 1736-95Snuff Bottles and Boxes - Snuff is powdered tobacco, which, in times gone by, was inhaled genteelly from a knuckle or thumbnail. Ready-ground snuff came in two main varieties: light, which had been matured in a hot sauce; and dark, to which medicinal or sweet-smelling flowers, salt and potash had been added.

Authenticating Japanese Swords - Like fingerprints, each handmade Japanese samurai sword has its own characteristics.

Celebrating Japanese-American Trade - America's introduction to Japanese art and culture is represented in an array of woodblock prints, ceramic pieces, and richly decorated scrolls that were brought here by the first ships from Nagasaki.

Japanese Era Names - Table of Japanese Era Names (Nengo)

Chinese Dynasty Names and Periods - Names and years of Chinese Dynasties

Antique Shopping in the Far East - As mysterious as travelling to the Far East may seem to most people, shopping there for souvenirs or antiques can be daunting. Regardless of whether your destination is Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Taiwan, you should do a little research before embarking on any overseas purchases, especially if you're on a budget.

Thangka Painting Explained - "It just flowed out of the thangka, the whole practice and visualization came through", explains Maitreya - an expert in Tibetan iconography for 25 years - one of his most remarkable experiences with Tibetan art.


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Indo-Persian Bidri Inlaid Lidded Genie BottleBidri ware explained - A painstaking form of very decorative inlaid metalwork, developed in central India before it was colonized, enjoyed a fashion in Europe in the late 19th century and is still appreciated today.


Differences Between Chinese and Japanese Porcelain - China and Japan have always exported similarly shaped porcelain vases, bowls, chargers and small boxes to Europe and the United States. But you can spot the differences if you compare periods and glazes.

A Qianlong Chinese Export tureen, circa 1760.Chinese Porcelain: Identification - Shapes remained fairly constant over the millennia; the classic Chinese vase, bowl and meiping (plum blossom vase, introduced during the Sung Dynasty) continue to the present day. Still, shape and color can help to identify a piece with a particular period.

A painted pottery jar, circa 25-220.Chinese Porcelain - The Chinese are credited with the invention of porcelain — a process of evolving from pottery to stoneware, and eventually to porcelain — that took approximately 1,000 years.

Sue Bizen Sake cup from the Heisei period by Shuho YoshimotoJapanese Pottery - Until recently, Japanese pottery in the United States was mainly sold to people in the U.S. Now Ebay and other Internet auctions have opened the market to buyers who can't get to U.S. auctions in person.

This rare enameled and carved Imperial snuff bottle sold for an amazing $134, 500 at a recent Sotheby's auctionChinese Snuff Bottles - Chinese snuff bottles are highly functional works of art. As a mixture of powdered tobacco, herbs and spices, snuff has a tendency to cake easily in humid environments.

Soft metal netsukeJapanese Netsuke: Sculpture in Miniature - Netsuke is a form of miniature sculpture particular to Japan and one with no counterpart in Western culture. The proper pronunciation for netsuke is "net-skay," and the term is never pluralized.

A Chinese Sculpture — Or Not? - I recently bought this Chinese dragon for $15.00 from a gentleman at an auction. Can you tell me about it?

Chinese Motif - On many Chinese garments, you will see the very mysterious and fantasy Chinese Icon.  You may be very interested in these and want to explore further in Chinese Culture.  We have a few lines below to give you a brief while interesting introduction to the fantastic Chinese Icons.

Thinking Buddha — or Not? - It is odd for a Buddha to wear a crown, but your statue isn't a figure of a Buddha. It's a Chinese figure of a Bodhisattva, wearing layered ankle-length robes.

Shiva Sculpture - You can tell your sculpture is Shiva by the five-leaf crown, elongated ears, and third eye in the center of your sculpture's forehead.

Spirits and Head hunters: Art of the Pacific Islands - New Guinea, the world’s second largest island, is home to over 600 -- or a third -- of the world’s languages. The art associated with these islands has an extraordinary history, having undergone the systematic destruction by missionaries 100 years ago.


Tibetan Peaceful Deities (thumbnails or text)
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Tibet Thangka & Mandala Paintings

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