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Anything that involves written communication on paper, whether printed, typed, handwritten or signed, falls under the rubric of books and manuscripts. The category includes autographs, autographed inscriptions, maps, newspapers, magazines, letters, journals, diaries, and drafts of works that were later printed and published. Books and manuscripts also includes ephemera, which can be defined as printed items, such as booklets, menus, or pamphlets.

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In 2003 Harley Davidson celebrates 100 years and we bring the best of HD motorbike memorabilia

thangkas and statues

One of the best deals in the collectibles market are the beautiful Tibetan thangkas and statues.  These are made by the Tibetans in exile and help support their refugee community.  The genuine thangka paintings are stunningly beautiful, will increase in value and the sale go to help a worthwhile cause.

The Faberge Egg Store contains dozens of pages of genuine items and fake items to watch out for.

Rare & Antiquarian Books

Australian, Commonwealth & USA War Medals
Eureka Military History Books

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A President's Signature - A List of the US President's Signature

Sporting Autographs - In the first few decades of the 20th century sportsmen and women were, along with movie idols, the heroes of the day; where the press and photographers congregated, autograph hunters were never far behind. As a result, there are many thousands of sports autographs to be found from pre-war years and even more from relatively modern times.

Appraising Signatures - The most collectible Justice signatures are those, not surprisingly, of groundbreakers. Signatures of Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the Court, John Jay, the first Chief Justice, and William Howard Taft, the only president to serve on the Court, are prized by collectors.

Celebrity Autographs - Just as an artist signs a masterpiece after producing a great work of art, so do some novelists sign their name to a first edition copy as a testament of their labor and fame.

Authentic Autographs - Politicians, celebrities, and sports figures are often asked for their autograph. To save time, they may authorize their secretary, agent, or even an autopen machine to sign their name for them.


Antique and Rare Books Reading List

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Antiques & Collectibles Library - Collecting antiques can be fun, but it can be even more enjoyable to track down details of who made your favourite piece.

The "Most Important Document In Sports History", The Contract Selling Babe Ruth From The Red Sox To Yankees - By 1918, the Red Sox had won their fifth World Series, which was unprecedented at that time. One of their talented young pitchers was George Herman Ruth, most often referred to as "The Babe" or "The Bambino," who was also blossoming as a slugger with his home run hitting records.

Collecting Old Bookmarks - Bookmarks came into being to protect expensive books as long ago as the 16th century, but they were not widespread and popular until the 19th century.

British Comics and Comicbooks - The first 70 years of British comics is dominated by two publishing houses. One was created in 1904 when Lord Harmsworth combined several companies into Amalgamated Press, later known as Fleetway Publications. Harmsworth published what is arguably the first British comic, Comic Cuts, which ran from 1890 to 1953. Amalgamated Press dominated the 1920s, producing comics for all ages.

Calling card etiquette - Calling cards and their elaborate carrying cases were indispensable social aids in the 19th century. Now, they make attractive mementoes of a bygone age.

Car Ephemera Collectibles - Boys of all ages yearn for the motor cars of yesteryear. Collecting the books and magazines that went with them brings the dream a step nearer.

Collecting Christmas Cards - Christmas and greeting cards, which have been around for more than 100 years, are innovations for which we have to thank the Victorians.

Rare Cook Books - The number, style and contents of cookery books published in the last 100 years or so illustrate the way the role of the housewife has altered in that time.

Cigarette Cards, Film Stars - Between the World Wars, the happy coincidence of the Golden Age of Hollywood films with that of cigarette cards created an affordable and fascinating field for today's collectors.

Cigarette Cards, Nature - Natural history was one of the less common subjects to appear on cigarette cards before World War 1, although Player's issued 'Wild Animals of the World' in 1901, while Edwards, Ringer & Bigg produced 'Birds and their Eggs' in 1906 and F & J Smith brought out 'Fowls, Pigeons and Dogs' in 1908.

Cigarette Cards - Football, cricket and horse racing were the three most popular sporting subjects on Edwardian cigarette cards, sets of which are not only attractive but also very collectable

Cricket Yearbooks, books and magazines - As certain as the changing of the seasons, the new edition of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack heralds the forthcoming season with a review of all things cricketing over the previous year.

Crime & Spy Fiction - Crime fiction - thrillers, whodunits and detective stories - has been a mainstay of 20th-century publishing and attracts a great many collectors.

Dear America Books - Books on Americana - The Dear America books are a series about fictional young women living in various points of American history, and recording "diaries" of their daily lives and the events around them.

Educational Books - Rare Books - The more enjoyed a child's book has been during its lifetime, the less likely it is to have survived. If it has, the chances are that it will be rather tattered and defaced and of little value to the collector. It is partly for this reason that copies of highly regarded titles in good condition are so rare and highly priced.

History of Fountain Pens and Collecting Writing Instrument - Attempts to add ink reservoirs to quill pens date hack to at least the 17th century (when The Diary of Samuel Pepys mentions such a device), but it was not until the 1880s that the first successful fountain pen was put on the market.

Collecting Menus - A menu, perhaps with a delightful illustration, is the perfect souvenir of a special occasion, whether it be a grand dinner party, an unforgettable trip or a memorable meal.

Collecting Maps and Charts - Every aspect of a map's design tells us something of the age when it was made: the lettering, the decorative borders and cartouches, the compass roses, the uncharted uncharted filled with sea monsters and sailing ships, the vignettes of picturesque scenery and surveyors wielding their dividers.

 World Globes, Maps and Charts - Globes and other navigational instruments were symbols of an age of expansion, and these finely crafted tools of discovery are highly valued today.

Naughty French Postcards and Erotica - Around the turn of the 20th century, France, or more particularly, Paris, was recognized worldwide as the hot-spot of life's racier side. The Folies Bergere, the Moulin Rouge and the night-life of the 'naughty nineties' had all contributed to Franc's reputation of casualness in matters of sex.

Old Newspapers - In the Victorian and Edwardian eras, newspapers and magazines flourished; today they provide a fascinating insight into the period and can form an entertaining collection.

Police Ephemera - Police wanted posters and paperwork, especially those relating to notorious murder cases, are of interest to anyone concerned with social history or the quirks of human behaviour.

Superhero Comics - Comic-book heroes with strange and mysterious powers first appeared at the end of the Great Depression, and have since become an established part of American culture. Their early adventures are now hugely collectable.

Collecting Women's Magazines - Mass-circulation women's magazines were created by the literacy boom of the late 19th century and sustained by the social changes of the 20th century.

The Art of Western European Manuscripts in the 5th - 16th Centuries - The passion for collecting manuscripts in Russia dates back to the reign of Catherine the Great. This was the time when collections were assembled by the Counts Stroganov, Princes Golitsyn and Yusupov, and by the secretary of the Russian embassy in France, P.P. Dubrovsky. During his period of service abroad, Peter Petrovich Dubrovsky (1754-1816) ñîllected around 400 medieval manuscripts.


Review - Tales from the Art Crypt

Feature - Fakes Sell in Online, Offline Auctions

Feature - Anatomies of the Frauds

Review - Official Price Guide to Old Books


Antique Guides for Generalists
ADAA Collector's Guide
Book Review: Sotheby's-Christie's Scandal
Stained Glass
Vintage Fashion
Kitchen Collectibles
Coco Chanel

 Spend a few minutes with our collecting primer:

Collecting Manuscripts: A Practical Introduction - The manuscript collector does not enjoy the high profile of the art or furniture collector. To the untrained eye, a manuscript use that term to refer to any written document, be it a letter, a contract, a written draft, or an inscription is not intrinsically beautiful or decorative or artistic.

What motivates the manuscript collector?

What do collectors look for? - The wise collector, like the wise investor, maintains a diverse portfolio. While a collector may have one major area of interest, i.e., American Presidents, he or she will also buy in other areas, including the Civil War, American Revolution, literary figures, science/technology, aviation, and medicine.

What determines value? - There are five major characteristics to consider when assigning value to a manuscript:
Authorial presence
Importance of writer

What are the best values? - The sharp-eyed collector can pick up bargains here and there, and make good investments by anticipating new areas of collecting

Care for old books, manuscripts, photos and papers - Caring for manuscripts is not labor-intensive. Keep paper away from excess light, heat, and moisture. Invest in archival storage materials.


Authentics in Religious Documents - The document that accompanies a relic is often times referred to as the authentics. On the document there is a variety of useful and necessary information. On the top of the document is the name of the ecclesiastic who has authenticated the relic as genuine, this could be the Postulator General of the religious order whose logo appears or, the Vicar General.

Collecting Insurance Documents - Your documents are part of the collecting category of paper ephemera, which has a thriving market. People collect everything from magazines and newspapers to postcards and posters. It's not a stretch to imagine someone who collects antique life insurance policies.

From Amazon - Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts - Hamilton

From Amazon - Encountering New Testament Manuscripts: A Working Introduction to Textual Criticism - Jack Finegan

From Amazon in the USA

A History of Illuminated Manuscripts
by Christopher De Hamel

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Basic Readings
by Mary Richards

Einstein's 1912 Manuscript on the Special Theory of Relativity: A Facsimile
by Albert Einstein

Book Review: Sotheby's-Christie's Scandal - Sotheby's-Christie's collusion scandal is the subject of Robert Lacey's 1998 work Sotheby's: Bidding for Class. The book chronicles the world's oldest auction house — from its modest beginnings in 1744 to the highly-publicized Jacqueline Onassis auction.

Pricing Century-Old Novels - Believe it or not, books published in the last half of the 19th century are plentiful. They were mass produced, much like today, so there are a lot of 100- to 150-year-old books floating around. The recipe for a valuable book is a combination of high demand, good condition, and scarcity.

The Appeal Of A Good Mystery - Some of you mystery enthusiasts may have been glued to your computers last week, as held a special sale of detective and mystery novels. More than 500 volumes were on the block, everything from classics such as Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles to modern thrillers such as John Grisham's The Firm.

Collecting Antique Gardening Books - Elaborately illustrated and expertly written, antique gardening books typically appeal to two different groups: gardeners, who enjoy the science, history, and know-how that these old books hold, and antique book collectors, who delight in the books' detail and decoration.

Books, Manuscripts, AutographsCollecting Library Books - Library books are great for reading, but terrible for collecting. In fact, library books are so bad that collectors make a point of distinguishing them from others.

Guide for Part-time Antiquers - Two of the best general resources are Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price List 2002 and Antique Trader's.

ADAA Collector's Guide Reviewed - The prestigious and exclusive Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) has launched its new free online Collector's Guide.

Getting Into the Antiques Business - A 30-year veteran of the antiques business who once said, "The only way to make a small fortune in the antiques business is to start out with a large one." If you love antiques, buying and selling can be a real joy, but you should proceed slowly.

From Amazon - Book Finds : How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books by Ian Ellis



Conservation in the Library
by Susan Garretson Swartzburg

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