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Feature articles and tips on collectibles and memorabilia.  From antique microscopes and Edison phonographs to juke boxes, autographed baseballs, fishing lures, and Pez dispensers, a wide variety of items fall under the umbrella of collectibles. Though collectibles are distinct in terms of their respective categories, most are coveted for the same fundamental reasons. Whether mundane or esoteric, collectibles represent the culture, history, and mass production of the past and present, and are appreciated for their nostalgia and aesthetics.

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In 2003 Harley Davidson celebrates 100 years and we bring the best of HD motorbike memorabilia

thangkas and statues

One of the best deals in the collectibles market are the beautiful Tibetan thangkas and statues.  These are made by the Tibetans in exile and help support their refugee community.  The genuine thangka paintings are stunningly beautiful, will increase in value and the sale go to help a worthwhile cause.

The Faberge Egg Store contains dozens of pages of genuine items and fake items to watch out for.

Rare & Antiquarian Books

Australian, Commonwealth & USA War Medals
Eureka Military History Books

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The NBA Store is the ultimate online shopping destination for basketball fans across the globe, featuring the most comprehensive assortment of NBA products available on the Web. The NBA Store offers retro merchandise from the NBA Hardwood Classics and NBA Rewind Collections, NBA-branded footwear by Reebok, and other Reebok apparel. Fans can also find authentic and replica jerseys, headwear, youth products, electronic games, and books, as well as products for every NBA team.

Chatelaine's Art Antiques and Appraisals Magazine brings together dozens of specialist collectors and dealers to provide free information and resources

Feature Series - Harley Davidson turns 100th, Collector's Boom!

Automobilia - Car & motorbike collectibles - If you own anything with the image of a car on its surface, or an object in the general shape of an automobile or part of an automobile, then you possess a treasured piece of automobilia.

* Musical Snow Globes - More delicate and fleeting than any snowglobe we've found. Rather than a wind-up melody, it plays the sounds of a winter stream accompanied by loon cries and wind.

Baby Boomerabilia - What are this year's "hot" collectibles? We're not fortune-tellers by any means, but we are always interested in tracking trends. And the trend that we expect to continue is the demand for 'boomerabilia'.

G.I. Joe - When Hasbro introduced G.I. Joe action figures in 1964, the company was gambling on the possibility that boys would play with dolls as long as they weren't called dolls.

Action Figures -
Dolls as action figures for some collectors they're smart investments, but it's not always a straight shot.  For example, Star Wars figures have been some of the strongest sellers over the years.  However, an excess of new toys from the 1999 film Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace combined with intense media hype may have unreasonably raised collectors' expectations.

What's Hot in Cowboy Collectibles -
There were certainly regional differences in what cowboys wanted or needed.  For instance, some cowboys would have hats made to order to fit the terrain.

What's Hot in WWII Collectibles -
Though the youngest World War II veterans are in their 70s, interest in WWII collectibles began to grow only a decade ago. A multitude of recent World War II-related movies, such as Saving Private Ryan, and bestselling books, including The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw, have kept WWII on the minds of many.

Jiminy Cricket Animation Cel, 1959Animation Art - American animation art of the 20th century traditionally has been one of the hottest areas in the collectibles market.  During the late 1980s and early 1990s, animation cels and drawings were plentiful in the market and their prices reflected many collectors' mania for images from their childhoods.

Peanuts Collectibles - I have a record album, He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown! It's in the original plastic, unopened, with the read-along book inside. With Charles Schulz's passing, is this worth something?

Matchbox Cars -
Matchbox cars have been all the rage ever since they rolled out in 1953. And with the rising interest in boomerabilia generally, they're as popular as ever.
* Hot Wheels - This full-color, comprehensive price guide features the Hot Wheels Collector Number cars, packaged and distributed from 1989 to 1999.  These popular models had variations in the color, wheel, interior or window that make them highly sought-after collectibles today.

Hint: The real one has white wheels.Hubley Toys - Hubley made all sorts of cast iron toys, including cars, trucks, banks, and even novelty items such as grasshopper toys. Some of these toys fetch significant amounts of money. For instance, a Hubley Packard from 1929 can be worth $35,000 and a large airplane might sell for $20,000.

Hornby Trains - Remember model trains? The shiny boxcars, the soft whir of the electric motor, and those tiny trees more than simply childhood toys, model trains are cherished collectibles.

Schucho Toys (cars) - Heinrich Muller, founder and guiding personality behind Schuco, was very much a child of this age. Born in 1887 and educated to be a businessman, he nonetheless gravitated toward the burgeoning field of technology.

Schucho Toys (Teddy Bears) - It was Mullers clever mechanical designs, together with his rigorous attention to the details of graphics, that made Schuco toys enduring favorites.

Harley Davidson Memorabilia - There's something about Harley Davidson motorcycles.  It may be the sound, the look, the name, or a combination of them all.  Either way, the bikes have a mystique about them, and Harley Davidson is one of the most recognized name in motorcycles.  That all translates into a strong market for Harley memorabilia.

Sports & Entertainment Auction - One of the most active directories of Ebayis the all-star line-up of sports and entertainment memorabilia.

This rare enameled and carved Imperial snuff bottle sold for an amazing $134, 500 at a recent Sotheby's auctionChinese Snuff Bottles - Chinese Snuff Bottles come in a variety of materials, and collectors will often focus on a certain medium or decorative subject matter.

Who Made This Ceramic? - In 1995, a redware sculpture by Solomon Bell sold at Sotheby's New York for $13,000.

Paperweights - When lighted properly, paperweights can come alive. There are definite advantages of using display cases, especially if your collection is particularly valuable.

Barbershop Memorabilia - Barbershop memorabilia includes anything originally used by barbers and their patrons during the heyday of the American barbershop. These items include shaving mugs, barber bottles, razors, horsehide and leather strops, furniture, towel steamers, blade receptacles, paper vases, shaving bowls, shaving brushes, advertising items, brushes, and combs.

American Political Items Collectors -
American Political Items Collectors Club is a great forum for buying and selling everything from political campaign buttons to politician's autographs. Turns out, even old ballots are collectible.

Boy Scout Badges -
Be prepared for a booming market in Boy Scout memorabilia,  with badges alone encompassing over one million different items an indication of the widespread popularity of scouting, and the prolific production of badges commemorating everything from a boy's accomplishment at archery to a booth at the last national Jamboree.

WWI and WWII Postcards -
Rich in both historic and artistic interest, propaganda and military postcards of World War I and World War II are an accessible category for collectors at all levels.

Coke Bottles - Today most Coke is purchased in aluminum cans and plastic bottles, but the familiar glass-bottle shape is there even when it's not. The "swoosh" that appears in Coke's advertising and packaging is a stylized version of the patented cocoa-bean curve, a permanent reminder of its early beginnings in Terre Haute.

The Coca-Cola Collectibles Shoppe

Coca-Cola Posters

Toby Jug - this particular Staffordshire England signed Toby is rare and worth $1,200!

Zodiac Collectibles -
Kris Riske, a certified member of the American Federation of Astrologers, attributes the expanding popularity of astrology to recent advances in technology.

Salt & Pepper Shakers -
Caring for your salt and pepper shakers is a simple process, but it's one that must be done quite meticulously. The first thing you should do is wash them. If you don't, salt will corrode any metal parts and can even invade the glaze of ceramics.

Cleaning Your Linens - Dust acts like "microscopic razor blades." As it settles deeper into fabric, it saws away at the fibers, slowly weakening them. Meanwhile moisture and oils can further deteriorate delicate threads.

Lace - More than the sum of its threads, lace has been used for centuries to create beautiful personal and household adornments.

Gift Ideas: Vintage Collectibles - Boxes of unused, vintage Christmas cards from the early-to mid-20th century make great gifts.  A brief scan of the current selection on Ebay revealed an amazing assortment of cards brimming with idyllic depictions of children, frolicking reindeer, and presents galore. They can be purchased for a modest price.

A Simon & Halbig dollBisque Dolls - For more than 150 years, bisque dolls have been dressed in finery, sitting down to tea with their friends and loved ones. Now highly collectible, bisque dolls were originally purchased as toys some for as little as 10 cents.

Updated version of the classic dollsKewpie Dolls - Kewpie dolls should be appraised individually in most cases, because typically, only one or two rare dolls bolster the entire collection's value.


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Sindy dolls explained

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All about collecting guns: Revolvers and Rifles

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Collecting Napoleonic Memorabilia

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WWI Militaria Collectibles

WWI Militaria Collectibles

WWI Militaria Collectibles

Propaganda Postcards and Cartoons WWII


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  Antique Scientific Equipment - Calculating, surveying, and medical are all hot, emerging areas.  Navigation has slipped, or not grown as much as other areas.  Any type of instrument with a real provenance, such as a Nobel Prize winner's equipment, is extremely coveted.

  Antique Radios: Antiques from a golden age - While "radio days" are bygone days for most of us, many avid collectors are captivated by this multi-faceted category. From early wireless radios to elaborate mirrored models that would make Liberace proud, the diversity of antique radios invites a broad range of collectors.

History of a Radio

Radio Speaker

Records: Sound Recordings - The main problem with collecting LPs today is that the players themselves are scarcer. When an LP player isn't working, a lot of people don't know what to do. Instead of trying to get it fixed, they sell their records.

A Typewriter's History - The No. 10 was Remington's first "frontstrike" typewriter, which means the arms that print the letters (called "type bars" by typewriter people) strike the feeding roller from the front.  Such machines are also called "visible" typewriters, because they allow the user to see the work in progress.

Tech Collectibles - Here's a bit of news that may surprise you: computers themselves are becoming sought-after collectibles.

Commodore Amiga 1000 for sale - Reluctantly selling a complete original Amiga 1000 package.

Information on Safes - The Chicago Safe and Lock Company is long out of business, but in its day produced thousands of safes. A popular misconception is that safe companies track the safe and combinations they sell. They don't.

This 1859 Haskell metal lure is valued at $2,000-$2,500. Fishing Lures - The earliest lures some now centuries old were used by Native Americans, Eskimos, and American settlers. Today's American collectors focus primarily on American-made lures from the late 1800s to the 1950s.

5 Questions about Fishing Lures - In the past few years, high-grade fishing lures have appreciated in value in some cases by 200 percent making them a great investment. The most valuable are custom-designed lures.

Sue's skull: reconstructed for dramatic effect. Fossil Fever - Sue is the largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered and she'll be unveiled at Chicago's Field Museum

Film Poster Market - African-American, Western, the Errol Flynn-Humphrey Bogart-Bette Davis genre, they've all had their day but except for their A titles, they've declined in popularity. A rare, 80-year-old silent movie stone lithograph might only be valuable to an historian unless the film or the stars are famous.

Hollywood Oscars - Though Oscars have been sold at auction a Gone with the Wind Best Picture Oscar went last year for more than $1 million they've either predated 1950 or the seller has been given special permission by the Academy.

Advertising Labels

Antique Tins - Tins are grouped according to the product which they originally contained or for which they were designed. There is also a section on miscellaneous tins.

Kitchen Collectibles - Includes many listings which are not featured anywhere else, including napkin doll ladies, figural egg timers, laundry sprinkler bottles, whistle cups, toothbrush holders, plus much more.

Whiskey Collectibles & Wine - If you want to learn about wines of the world and advance your comprehension of wine production, grape varieties, appellations, and individual wineries, understand the factors (such as location, soil, climate, and methods of viticulture) that affect the taste and nose, and visit your wine shop with a list of quality wines to explore, Tom Stevenson is the man to read.

Beer Bottles and Labels - In the mid-19th century low standards of manufactured food and drink were becoming a problem.  Manufacturers responded by packaging their beverages in clear glass bottles so the contents could be readily seen, and glass began to undermine the stoneware monopoly.

Silver Cake Baskets - Hallmarked sterling silver pieces from Victorian, Edwardian and even later times are also relatively expensive. There are, however, many attractive mass-produced baskets in electroplated silver from late Victorian and Edwardian times and these are more affordable.

Collecting Cheese Dishes - There were two basic types. The round Stilton dish, with a domed lid, was made to accommodate a whole cheese, while others were shaped to take a wedge.  Stilton dishes were more popular at the start of the Victorian period, while wedge dishes were typical of late Victorian and Edwardian times.

Old Cooking Utensils - Old kitchenware provides a fascinating insight into a time when the preparation and cooking of food were very different from the way they are today.

Copper Kettles - Few things more readily evoke the cosy comforts of the cottage kitchen than the image of a burnished copper kettle singing and bubbling on a hob or range.

Old Corkscrews (cork screws) - Corkscrews are one of those fun collectables that can be not simply collected but also used to great effect for their original purpose.

Cruet Sets - Cruet sets have varied in size and shape over the last three centuries and the care and craftsmanship lavished on them have made some of the better examples very collectable.

Cutlery designs and patterns - The shape and decoration of pieces of cutlery, and especially their handles, can tell you a great deal about when they were made.

Edwardian Trays - Edwardian trays come in a wide range of designs and materials, from plain wooden utensils for everyday use to decorative, silver-plated examples reserved for special occasions.

Collecting Egg Cups - By the beginning of the 19th century, egg cruets were also being made in pottery and porcelain, often matching the pattern of the breakfast or tea china. Individual egg cups also now appeared.

Old Irons - Laundry Collectibles - Very simple in design, flat irons and box irons were the 'state of the art' in the 18th and 19th centuries, before the advent of electric irons.

Laundry Collectibles - Before the days of washing machines several different devices were used to make the arduous work of the laundry easier.

Jelly Moulds & Jelly Molds - No large 18th or 19th century house would be without a selection of moulds for shaping various desserts and savoury dishes for presentation at table, and these make a decorative and very useful addition to a modern kitchen.

Old Kitchenware - The many utensils that were essential equipment for the cook in Regency and Georgian times are now collectable items that can make an effective display in the modern home.

Collecting Linen - Much fine Victorian table linen has survived in excellent condition and is now popular with collectors as a graceful adornment for the modern home.

Collecting Menus - A menu, perhaps with a delightful illustration, is the perfect souvenir of a special occasion, whether it be a grand dinner party, an unforgettable trip or a memorable meal.

Collecting Pot Lids - Some Victorian goods were sold in small ceramic pots with attractive printed lids. Many were thrown away, but those that survive are avidly collected today.

Punch Bowls - Once an accompaniment to the rowdy drinking sessions of Georgian gentlemen, the punchbowl eventually took its place in the polite drawing rooms of Regency England.

Scales and Balances - The 19th century saw an improvement in the accuracy of scales and balances, with many new types being sold for use in the home.

Grocer's Scales ~ Kitchen Collectables - In the days before most goods were pre packed, the grocer's scales in brass or cast iron, with a matching nest of weights, were an essential tool of the trade.

Gongs and Table Bells - Strategically placed in the hall, the gong summoned family and guests to meals; the servants were then called with a table bell.

Edwardian Table Silver - Differences in price depended mainly on quality of workmanship, for their contents tended to be fairly standard, without the elaboration often found on the Continent.

Tea Caddies - Since the 17th century an important social custom for the lady of the house has been the serving of afternoon tea, using a beautifully crafted tea caddy.

Tea pots and teapots -  In 1759, Josiah Wedgwood and his partner, Thomas Whieldon, produced globular teapots realistically potted and painted as cabbages, cauliflowers, melons and pineapples. They proved so successful that other copied them, without the same fine results.

Old Chocolate and Biscuit Tins - The first biscuit tins were uncomplicated, with the addition of simply a paper label or paper covering. There were experiments with direct printing onto the tin and onto an alloy mounted on the tin, but both these methods proved unsatisfactory. The breakthrough came with the advent of transfer printing.

Wine Coolers and Cisterns - From the middle of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th, wine coolers and cellarets were essential items in the dining rooms of the wealthy.

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