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In 2003 Harley Davidson celebrates 100 years and we bring the best of HD motorbike memorabilia

thangkas and statues

One of the best deals in the collectibles market are the beautiful Tibetan thangkas and statues.  These are made by the Tibetans in exile and help support their refugee community.  The genuine thangka paintings are stunningly beautiful, will increase in value and the sale go to help a worthwhile cause.

The Faberge Egg Store contains dozens of pages of genuine items and fake items to watch out for.


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Art Deco & 1920s Fashion Plates
- By the 1920s, the fashion world was dominated by French haute couture. Designers such as Coco Chanel blossomed into fame in the mid-1920s, and other favourites of the fashion magazines included Lanvin, Jean Patou, Molyneux, Doucet, Cheruit, Doeillet, Redfern, the great Paul Poiret, and also fabric designers such as Bianchini-Ferrier.

Christina Aguilera waxwork at Madame TussaudsArt deco fashion - Clothes from the1930s - Clothes drooped downwards along with the economy. Hair got longer, hat brims descended over one eye, necklines were draped in monastic cowls, shoulders sloped with soft capes, and skirts flopped limply in unpressed pleats.

Collecting Fashion Magazines - A collection of fashion magazines from the 1950s can tell you a lot, not only about the clothes, but also about the way some people lived, in one of the forgotten decades of the century.

Georgian & Regency Rings & Jewellery - In the century or so between 1714 and 1830, spanned by four consecutive kings named George, finger rings were worn by most people regardless of class or rank.

Vintage Fashion - Vintage clothes from a bygone era - Fashion from the 1950s and 1960s was concerned with silhouette, the shape and the look. Fashion designers from those eras were conscious of the female body and of construction of the garment - the cut of a jacket's shoulder or sleeve.

Sixties Fashion - Clothes from the1960s - The 1960s were years of great social upheaval and cultural change. Both were reflected in the ever-changing world of women's fashion, where the centre of gravity switched from Paris to London.

George III Artois shoe buckle set with paste stones and central green enamel panel, metal chape, with straight sided chape and cross-piece, 4" (10cm); together with three other paste set shoe buckles of various designs and sizes, all circa 1760's -1790's Vintage Buckles, shoe buckles and belt buckles - Dress buckles were vital accessories in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their great variety and interest, not to mention their availability and relative cheapness, makes them an excellent subject for the modern collector.

Ladies Dress Watch - For ladies, the wristwatch was designed not only as a practical and accurate timepiece but also as a fashion accessory studded with stones of great value.

Classic Wrist Watch - The leading makers between the wars included such famous names as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet who all produced an astonishing number of case and dial designs. Rolex, moreover, was in the forefront with technological advances.

Classic Pocket Watch - Watches provide a very rewarding area for the collector. Those dating from the Victorian period are quite widely available and can be found at reasonable prices. The many different kinds of fob watch can form a beautiful collection.

Kimonos - The kimono is one of the most famous expressions of Japanese culture. The origins of the garment go back more than a thousand years, but it took its present form only in the 18th century.

History of the Sewing Machine - The idea for a sewing machine was around for a long time before a good working model was launched; within 50 years it went from being a status symbol to a workaday object.

Quilts and Covers - Women have long used their needlework skills to turn out warm and attractive bedcovers and quilts in a variety of traditional patterns that have passed from mother to daughter and have also crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Motoring and Cycling Gear - To deal with the problem of dust in summer motorists wore a loose-fitting, light dust coat of alpaca, silk or holland. They were in white, grey or fawn and had sleeves with an elasticated inner cuff or sealed by means of straps.

Indian Jewellery - Plentiful supplies of gold, silver and precious stones and an unbroken tradition stretching back more than 1,000 years made 19th-century India a treasure house of jewellery.

1920s Hair Accessories - Victorian and Edwardian ladies boasted hairstyles that reflected the essentially gentle, passive nature of their lives. They generally had long hair, elaborately styled in complex twists, rolls and turns, that would not take too readily to frenzied activity.

 Antique Bridal Wear
- All Edwardian brides were married in white if they could afford it, but their dresses tended to be more practical than those worn today. White weddings were unheard of before the 18th century. The idea of splashing out to dress a bride in a gown that was going to be practically useless after the big day first caught on among the wealthy as a way of showing off the family's status.

Chatelaine or Chatelain - The housekeeper's badge of office was a chatelaine, the keys to her kingdom. This cumbersome piece of jewellery was made to be worn a the waist. A number of chains - at least three, and often more - were attached to an ornamental hook plate or brooch and a variety of objects, one per chain, were hung from them. Such items as sheathed scissors, a notebook, a needle case and a thimble often joined the keys that jangled at the waist.

Vintage Cuff Links - Novelty cufflinks are sought after, as are any with royal connections but, even so, none of these will cost a lot of money since cufflinks are generally small items. Gold and silver ones will have hallmarks, although not necessarily on both links.

Edwardian Fashion - Women's fashions tended to be highly elaborate. They relied heavily on decorative touches and plenty of them. Applique, embroidery and other trimmings were the order of the day. Lace was particularly popular, as manufacturers had developed machine-made laces almost as fine as hand-made ones.

Victorian Waistcoat - The waistcoat was an essential part of formal and informal wear in the Victorian period, when every gentleman would have possessed several, and these stylish garments are seen today as increasingly collectable.

Antique Gloves - For the Victorians and Edwardians, gloves were an essential accessory, regardless of the weather.  Most men, women and even children has several pairs which were selected according to the occasion and gloves were sometimes changed several times throughout the day, depending on the status of the wearer.

Victorian Underwear - Styles of under-garments changed according to the dictates of fashion. Breasts were accentuated or flattened to conform to the rigorous demands of custom and style, and backsides came in for the same cavalier treatment.

Hankerchiefs from the Victorian Era - Woven by power looms introduced in the late 18th century, these little squares of linen, cambric, silk or cotton were usually edged with lace or embroidery, and sometimes bore their owner's initials in one corner.

Victorian Fashion Plates - The mid-19th century was a high point in the history of fashion illustration, and many of the superb engraved and hand-coloured plates from the fashion journals of the period survive today. The plates are particularly interesting because they mark an important development in the history of fashion: designers and the clothing industry now began to create and shape future demand, rather than simply respond to it.

Silk Shawls - Pure silk shawls became fashionable in about 1809 and were produced throughout the Victorian age and particularly in the Edwardian period. These very attractive shawls, and later 20th-century examples, can be purchased quite reasonably and make an extremely interesting collection.

Kashmir Shawls - The Kashmir shawls which were imported to Europe from the late 18th century onwards were true works of art. There were two types of Kashmir shawl those which were woven and those which were embroidered. Of the two, the woven shawls were the most prized - and the most expensive. In the 19th century, the money paid for a fine woven Kashmir shawl - over 100 would easily buy you a house.

Handmade or machine-made lace

The market for lace collecting

Getting started in lace Collecting

Care and storage of lace

Cleaning Linen

Handmade or machine-made lace

The market for lace collecting

Getting started in lace Collecting

Care and storage of lace

Cleaning Linen


 Thigh-high boot
Stained Glass
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