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The term jewelry is used to describe articles of personal adornment, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and necklaces.
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In 2003 Harley Davidson celebrates 100 years and we bring the best of HD motorbike memorabilia

thangkas and statues

One of the best deals in the collectibles market are the beautiful Tibetan thangkas and statues.  These are made by the Tibetans in exile and help support their refugee community.  The genuine thangka paintings are stunningly beautiful, will increase in value and the sale go to help a worthwhile cause.

The Faberge Egg Store contains dozens of pages of genuine items and fake items to watch out for.


Rare & Antiquarian Books

New! Feature series on Pearls
The value of pearls is judged on three factors: color, luster, and the thickness of the nacre, a natural substance that the oyster puts over the pearl. Pearls with a rose color are more sought after than yellow or gold. A highly reflective luster is better than dull. And a pearl's value increases with the thickness of the nacre.

Necklace Length - You can buy necklaces in a number of different lengths. Generally speaking, shorter necklaces flatter long necks, while long necklaces are nice for smaller necks. The lengths and names are as follows.

* Jewelry & Trinket Boxes - Victorians, and particularly Victorian ladies, loved to put things in boxes, which were custom-made to contain snuff, pills, pins, tea, cosmetics, gloves, cards or a host of other things. The boxes were decorated for display and were to be found on virtually every surface in the house.

* Cleaning Mother of Pearl - Mother-of-pearl - also known as nacre - is a beautiful material formed by the inner lining of the shells of oysters and similar marine creatures such as abalone.

* Perfume & Perfume Bottles - Perfumes have always been one of the most precious things money can buy, and the often exquisitely made bottles in which they were kept reflect this. Perfume has been a part of women's toilette since at least the times of the ancient Egyptians. Exotic oils and essences got special treatment, even in those far off days beside the Nile.

* Tortoiseshell - tortoise shell - Tortoiseshell is a lovely natural material used for a wide variety of decorative and practical objects, often used decoratively on grooming accessories. Declining sea turtle populations have put an end to the trade in tortoiseshell in most regions.

* Victorian Jewellery and Parure - Two of the favourite jewellery designers among the fashionable ladies of Victorian high society were Castellani and Giuliano. Their pieces have never lost their value and they still fetch the highest prices. Whole sets complete with their original cases by these makers are extremely hard to find and potential buyers should be wary of fakes.

* Watch Stands and Pocket Watches - Victorian watch stands make perfect partners for pocket watches as they are purpose-built to display them and are attractive collectables in their own right.

* Cuff Link Collectors: The New Craze - Collectors often specialize in niches, such as: presidential; specific animals, such as dogs or horses; cameos; religious symbols; erotica; fraternal emblems; initials; Art Deco; and corporate logos. You see people who only want red stones, or cuff links made in Newark, New Jersey. Novelty cuff links are part of the current revival, such as cuff link watches or pairs reading "Buy/Sell" or "Left/Right."

* Buying Antique Native American Jewelry - You may not realize it, but some of the best antique jewelry wasn't made with gold, diamonds, or pearls. Navajo and other Native American artists used silver, turquoise, coral, and other materials to create unique and intricate pieces.

* Cleaning Pearls - If you wear your pearls frequently, cosmetics and perfumes can build up and change the color. Cleaning them brings back their natural finish.

Hollywood's Art Deco 2013 Trend
Following this past summer's New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, Topazery Jewelry has shifted its antique jewelry inventory to prominently showcase the Art Deco trends that emerged from the exhibition.

* Mourning Ring for Charles?

Jewelry Bookshop & Resource Links

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* Five eBay Listing Tips

* Importing Your Online Purchases

* Maximizing Your Auction Profits

* Bidding for the Novice

* When to Get an Appraisal

* Selling by Consignment

* Fraud Alert - Fake Pins

* Famous Diamonds
- The Amsterdam Diamond - This rare black diamond of African origin is reported to be completely black. It weighs 33.74 carats, has 145 facets and was cut from a 55.85-carat rough. - More Famous Diamonds

* Famous Gold Nuggets - The Welcome Stranger - The world's largest recorded alluvial gold nugget is “The Welcome Stranger”.  The huge gold nugget was found on 5th February, 1869 at Black Lead, Bull-dog Gully, Moliagul in Victoria Australia - More Famous Gold Nuggets

* Famous Opals - Featuring The Virgin Rainbow

* Australian Opals - The opal is the talisman for actors and the performing arts. The opal has been linked to purity, hope and innocence. This gem has also been linked to healing forces, friendship and emotion, so it has experienced its fair share of folklore over the years.

* Famous Gemstones and Jewelry - The Gordon Star Sapphire -  A star sapphire pendant-ring that came up for auction at Sothebys Auction House in 2002. More Famous Gemstones & Jewelry

* Crown Jewels - The Cullinan I Diamond Cullinan rough diamond was presented to King Edward VII for his 66th birthday and he named it "The Great Star of Africa" and ordered it to be set in the British Imperial Sceptre or Royal Sceptre - More Crown Jewels

* Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

* Birthstones

Renaissance Egg* The House of Faberge - It was all those beautiful articles of fantasy, those bibelots for the table, which made his fame the world over. He became the first in Russia to make objects of elegance, taste and feeling; his work the wide world over became known as a style of its own, "Faberge".

* Celebrities wearing crucifix jewelry makes the Vatican cross

* Harley Davidson Jewelry

Feature Series - Body Jewelry - Throughout history tattooing and body piercing have been practiced by many cultures for many centuries.

The Benefits of Non Piercing Body Jewelry

* Bakelite - Bakelite, a durable phenolic resin, found its way into the fashion world between 1933 and 1941 in the form of bracelets, broaches, necklaces, earrings, rings, cufflinks, and buttons. In this era between the Depression and World War II, Bakelite accessories were an affordable way for women to brighten their wardrobes.

* Bakelite: Not Your Average Bangle - Bakelite jewelry was well suited to the social atmosphere of the 1930s and 1940s. It offered a reasonably priced alternative to expensive material, and the bright colors allowed women's fashion to become more flamboyant.

* Aromatic Viniagrettes - Vinaigrettes became extremely popular during the Georgian period as an attractive means of disguising unpleasant smells and odours. These days  they can make an attractive display on dressing tables, where they are a reminder of days when hygiene left much to be desired.

* Art Deco Jewelry - In the inter-war years, a profusion of new influences and an emphasis on design values created a distinctive style of costume jewellery. For women, things were never quite the same after World War 1.

* Art Deco Jewellery - Two distinct styles dominated the jewellery of the 1920s and 1930s. While geometric jewellery concentrated on abstract shapes, other designers made brooches, earrings, bracelets and bangles with figurative motifs drawn from the symbols of the modern age.

* Art and Crafts Movement Jewellery - Concentrating on craftsmanship, Arts and Crafts designers rebelled against the standards set by traditional jewellers and produced dramatic pieces with semi-precious stones.

* Cleaning Metal - Old, badly tarnished metalware will reward you with a soft glow if the finish is carefully restored, and regular cleaning will preserve its looks and extend its life.

* Cloisonne Enamel - Japanese cloisonne work, distinguished by the jewel-like brilliance of its coloured enamels, was a great success in Europe when it was introduced, and remains a desirable collectable today.

* Dressing Table Accessories - Many of the containers used on the dressing table were finely made ornamental pieces, fashioned from silver, porcelain or cut glass. Some accessories were kept in specially designed cases called etuis. One kind of e'tui was specially made to hold a set of scissors, nail file, tweezers and a silver pencil-holder.

* Collectible Fans - Fans have a long, long history, at least 2000 years, though their design and role changed dramatically through the ages.

* Shopping For a Diamond Online - One of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to this website is "Is it safe to buy a diamond or jewelry online?"  The answer is of course YES!

* Gemstone Jewelry - High quality Victorian jewellery was made not only from gemstones, but also from more affordable natural stones, such as jet, agate and amber.

* Gemstones - Virtually all gemstones are formed beneath the earth from naturally occurring minerals. Those that have outcropped on the surface, or been washed down in streams and rivers, have been used for personal adornment since time immemorial, and hundreds are now actively mined or synthesized.

* Gemstones

* All gemstones listed

* Caring for Horn - If you collect ornamental curios or functional items made from horn, they will need occasional attention to keep this natural material looking its best. Natural horn is a practical and attractive material and has long had a place all around the home.  

* Caring for Ivory and Bone - Ivory and bone were particularly popular with the late Victorians and the Edwardians. These materials were often exquisitely painted and carved and were used for snuff and pill boxes, fans, combs, buttons, cutlery and jewellery.

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Art Nouveau Jewelry
Art Nouveau Jewelry
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