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Vintage Posters: Advertising Images

Vintage Film Posters

Film Poster Sells for Far More than a Hill of Beans

Propaganda Postcards of WWI and WWII

African Art Market

Placing a Value on American Animation Art

20th-Century Latin American Art

Modern Art Prints: The Smart Approach

WPA Prints: Artists recorded a pivotal time in our history

Buying an Antique Oil Painting

Native American Blankets

Pre-Columbian Art

Guide for Part-time Antiquers

Selling by Consignment

Antique Garden Furniture

Directoire Furniture: An Early Glimpse of Modern Design

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Louis XV And XVI Furniture: Understanding The Obsession

Louis XV And XVI Furniture: Definitions

Tiffany Lamps: History and Value

Fishing Lures

Fossil Fever Catches On

Collecting Antique Photos

IRS v. Appraisers: Most Valuations Rejected

Tales From the Art Crypt

Bakelite: Enjoying The Comeback

Cuff Link Collectors: The New Craze

Barbershop Memorabilia

Auction of Celebrity's Painting

Are Oscars Collectible?

German Expressionism: Art Born of Self-Expression

Getting Fired Up About Ceramics

Ceramics from Around the World

Chinese Porcelain: History and Value

Why Collect Asian Art?

Antique Shopping in the Far East

Chinese Snuff Bottles

Chinese Dynasties & Periods

Japanese Era Names

Japanese Netsuke

Indian Statues & Deities






Chinese Dynasties & Periods

Depression Glass

Online Bidding Tips

Beware of the Fraudsters Tricks

Web of Lies: Art Fraud Online

An Art Theft Epidemic?

Fakes Sell in Online, Offline Auctions

Sotheby's-Christie's Scandal Resolving Online Transaction Disputes

Malevich Sale Sends Phillips into High-end Market

Shopping for Vintage Gifts

Shopping for Antiques in the Far East

About Thangka Painting & Mandala Art

Why Collect Asian Art?

Antique Asian Statues

Celebrating Trade Between Japan and America

Authentics in Religious Documents

Autographs: Value Beyond Words

American Political Items Collectors

The Appeal Of A Good Mystery

What's Hot? Boomers GI Joe

Train Collectors' Fear No More Hornby

G.I. Joe

Mickey Mouse Watch

Pocket Watches: Time-honored Keepsakes

Baseball Cards: A Primer For Collecting

Boy Scout Badges

Bisque Dolls: Teatime Favorite

Coke Bottles: Worth Collecting?

Collectible Music Recordings

History of One Family's Radio

Antique Radios: From A Golden Age

Antique Scientific Equipment

The Growing Field of Tech Collectibles

Stitching Together A Lace Collection

Great Deal on Rare Toby Jug

Zodiac Collectibles


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