CAST-IRON HUBLEY TOYS In 1892, John Hubley founded the Hubley toy company in Lancaster, Penn. By 1940, the company was the world's largest manufacturer of cast iron toys. However, such toys became less profitable due to freight costs and foreign competition. Eventually many of the cast iron molds were sold. Chatelaine's Antiques Collectibles Appraisals


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Sue Bizen Sake cup from the Heisei period by Shuho Yoshimoto
Sue Bizen Sake cup from the
Heisei period by Shuho Yoshimoto

Until recently, Japanese pottery in the United States was mainly sold to people in the U.S. Now Ebay and other Internet auctions have opened the market to buyers who can't get to U.S. auctions in person.

Many Japanese collectors are buying Japanese pottery that was previously unattainable to them, because it was in the United States. 

The Japanese pottery market in this country has not been good. It's strange.

There's been a lot of buying on the Web by Japanese. It's because Japanese buyers don't buy from auctions. They can find things very cheap on the Web. Consequently, if you look at auction houses, the amount of activity is minuscule compared to five years ago. There used to be two catalogues per year of lacquer, ceramics, etc. Now, there's just one that combines everything.

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Arita in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century
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