Like fingerprints, each handmade Japanese samurai sword has its own characteristics. Chatelaine's Antiques Collectibles Appraisals


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Authenticating Japanese Samurai Swords

Like fingerprints, each handmade Japanese samurai sword has its own characteristics.

The metal is different from different makers, different regions, different provinces. And most of them are without signatures.

Those who made the swords started faking signatures in the middle ages. Sometimes they were put in purposely to deceive. So often you need a microscope to compare the chisel strokes of one sword to another.

In the end, you really need years of experience, examining hundreds and thousands of swords. It's a long learning curve.

A hint: if you can get a Japanese WWII sword with the surrender document, the value increases manyfold.

by Eureka Militaria militaria expert Marcus Chatelaine

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