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Art of the American Spirit: A Practical Introduction to American and California Painting


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A Practical Introduction to American and California Painting

Art of the American Spirit: A Practical Introduction to American and California Painting

All collections start as a labor of love. With time, collectors certainly become more educated, and select pieces with a more discerning eye. But I feel that the truly great collections are those motivated by a pure love of the art itself ญญ of the scenes, styles, and stories that the art represents.

This is particularly true in the field of American painting, and many American collectors find excitement ญญ and a dash of patriotism ญญ in charting the artistic record of their country's experience. From great works depicting crucial moments in the American history, to small local studies of daily American life, these paintings speak directly to us and capture the unique spirit of America.

And while the American art market has certainly taken off over the last 20 years - we are seeing sales price records broken all the time there are still beautiful examples of American painting out there for buyers on any budget, particularly those who do their homework.

Whether you want to spend thousands of dollars on an oil painting by a famous artist, or just a couple of hundred dollars on a drawing or pastel that pleases you, American art can be both a prudent investment and a source of joy for years to come.

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