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Brass Dial Clocks

 Brass Dial Clocks
by Brian Loomes
Brian Loomes, as most avid horologists know by now, is the most knowledgable person around when it comes to English Longcase clocks. His book "Brass Dial Clocks" rounds out the series of reference works which cover "White Dial clocks", "Painted Dial clocks" and "Country clocks" respectivly. 

This is not a "pretty picture" coffee tabel book produced for show, although it is profusely illustrated, but most pictures are black and white and show technical details of movement,, dial or case, which are of much more value to the serious horological scholar, than the glossy overall pictures. 

A MUST have book for any serious clock collector. 

Fortunat Mueller-Maerki, Chairman of the National Watch and Clock Library, Columbia PA



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