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Cleaning Pearls
 The value of pearls is judged on three factors: color, luster, and the thickness of the nacre, a natural substance that the oyster puts over the pearl. Pearls with a rose color are more sought after than yellow or gold. A highly reflective luster is better than dull. And a pearl's value increases with the thickness of the nacre.

Here we explain why cleaning pearls is essential to maintaining their value:
Egg-shaped pearl necklace
What happens to pearls that aren't cleaned?
If you wear your pearls frequently, cosmetics and perfumes can build up and change the color. Cleaning them brings back their natural finish.

How do you do it?
We always recommend a natural cleaning of pearls. The best way to maintain their appearance and color is to wash them with a non-abrasive cleaning agent like a mild shampoo that will take off the oils. Don't use any abrasive soaps, ammonia, or steam.

Can pearls be polished like silver?
Absolutely not. The average cultured pearl has nacre that's half a millimeter thick. If you polish the pearls, you risk ruining the nacre. It'll start flaking off. You'll pretty much ruin the pearls. Properly care for your pearls, and they'll last a lifetime.



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