Feature: Depression Glass - Depression Glass is the cheap, sometimes less than perfect glassware that was mass produced throughout the world during the Great Depression.


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  Depression Glass is the cheap, sometimes less than perfect glassware that was mass produced throughout the world during the Great Depression.

Generally it was made by machine in a range of colours and a vast amount of it was tableware and kitchen- ware.

Depression glass

The cheerful colors of Depression glass helped to brighten up a bleak point in world history.

 In the years to follow the Depression, many people got rid of their Depression glass. For some, it was a reminder of hard times and it symbolized being poor. Because so much glass was discarded, what's left behind has become very collectible.

 The companies who made Depression Glass included Anchor Hocking, Jeanette, Federal, and Hazel Atlas, and the most common colours were amber, blue, black, crystal, green, pink, red, yellow and white.

Depression Glass was often given away as promotional gifts with other purchases. It was sometimes packed with break- fast cereals, put into flour sacks, or just given to customers in grocery stores, gasoline stations, or movie theatres.

Today, most dealers and collectors use the term "Depression Glass" to cover glassware made from the 1920's - 1950's/60's. Not all pressed glass made during the Depression years comes into this category. Higher quality pressed glass (usually with ground bottoms and fire polished) was made by companies such as Heisey, Imperial, Fostoria, and Cambridge and sold through jewellery stores and department stores. This glass is normally called "Elegant Glass" and is most commonly found in crystal colour.

Is Arcoroc Depression Glass?
Arcoroc is French, and made after 1970-ish, and therefore is not included in the "Depression Glass" genre.



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