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 Dear Chatelaine's Antiques,

I'd like to know if there was ever a Barbara Ann Scott doll I am looking for one for my mother. Barbara Ann Scott was an ice skater in the 1950s. No one has been able to tell me if there was ever a doll made.

Dear Ann,
You're in luck. Barbara Ann Scott was one of the greatest athletes in Canada's history and has been called "Canada's Sweetheart." In 1948 she won the Canadian, North American, European, World, and Olympic figure-skating championships. Her gold medal at the Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland, was the first ever by a Canadian woman in the winter games.
At the height of her popularity, in 1949, the Reliable Toy Company in Toronto began manufacturing a doll in Barbara Ann Scott's image. Back then, the 38-cm (15-inches) tall doll sold for $5.95 in Canada. The doll went out of production in 1955 when Ms. Scott retired.
Today, you can find Barbara Ann Scott dolls for sale on numerous online auction sites, including eBay - here is a direct link to the Doll's listed at eBay. 

In addition, you might visit to connect with a network of doll collectors.



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