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For Chatelaine's Antiques Collectibles & Appraisals, and Eureka Militaria militaria expert Marcus Chatelaine, performing appraisals isn't just about telling clients what their objects are worth. It's about educating them and fostering an appreciation and respect for the antique weapons they've collected. And whenever he does an Appraisal, Mr Webb provides a tip on conservation.

"We're just custodians of these weapons, and it's our responsibility to take care of them. The more we appreciate them, the more likely they'll survive," Mr Webb says. He takes this philosophy seriously and has been known to write quick e-mails to eBay sellers to help clarify what they're selling."

Mr Webb appreciates antique weapons 17th-century Scottish and English arms and armor in particular for their design just as much as for their function. They're works of art, he says, and many have a strong cultural significance.

Recently, Mr Webb found a collection of swords that had been used in films, including They Died With Their Boots On, and Fort Apache. Some may disregard these weapons as merely insignificant props, but to Mr Webb, they're much more.

According to Mr Webb, swords are a good investment. In fact, Scottish swords that used to sell for $600 may now bring $2,000. However, the most popular weapons in today's market came from the Confederate army. And since the mid 1990s, prices for Confederate weapons have increased 30 to 50 percent.

Mr Webb warns that there are many fakes, and advises collectors to do plenty of research. "Your local library is a beautiful thing. Take the time to read about weapons. Handle them and look at them as much as possible," he says.

Collectors who follow Mr Webb's advice may soon see his name on library shelves. He's writing an introductory guide to arms collecting.