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Genuine Faberge Eggs and jewelry items

Violets in the Snow Jeweled Eternity Ring $895.00 
Fabergé Firebird Earrings $1,200.00 
Fabergé Firebird Necklace $1,500.00 
Fabergé Heirloom Jewelry Cabinet $450.00 
Sleeping Beauty Waltz Imperial Jeweled Egg $6,900.00 
Violets in the Snow Ring $895.00 
Fabergé Lily of the Valley Egg Pendant $195.00 
Jewel of the Garden Pendant Watch Objet $195.00 
Ray of Hope Diamond Cross $895.00 
The Depths of Love Pink Pearl Ring $195.00 
Violets in the Snow Earrings $795.00 
Golden Gates of Divinity Imperial Egg Pendant $195.00 
Peter Carl Fabergé 150th Anniversary Diamond Egg Pendant $695.00 
The Fabergé Imperial Sapphire Cross Pendant $895.00 
Fabergé Royal Love Jeweled Ring $895.00 
Star of the North Jeweled Ring (Sapphires and Diamonds) $1,950.00 
Waltz of the Hummingbird Imperial Jeweled Egg $6,900.00 
Princess of Starlight Tiara Ring $245.00

Fabergé Nutcracker Ballet Music Box $69.00 
Hummingbirds Miniature Porcelain Box Collection $37.50 
Nativity Treasure Box Collection (Porcelain) $55.00 
Ruby Garden $90.00 
Swan Lake Music Box (Porcelain) $69.00

 Pocket Watches & Clocks
Fabergé Crystal Cross Pendant Watch Objet $135.00 
Rose Egg Clock Miniature $69.00 
House of Fabergé™ Rose Bouquet Clock Miniature $69.00 
La Petite Fabergé Imperial Heirloom Clock $195.00

 Porcelain Dolls
Natalia, The Fabergé Spring Bride Doll $295.00 
Aleksandra, The Fabergé Winter Bride Doll $295.00

 Vinyl Dolls
Czarina Alexandra Fabergé Imperial Princess $195.00

Imperial 5 in 1 Game Table $1,875.00

 Collector Eggs
A King is Born Collector Egg $90.00 
Kingdom Of The Unicorn Imperial Jeweled Egg $5,400.00 
Anastasia's Rose Garden Collector Egg $135.00 
The Fabergé Sweetheart Musical Carousel Egg $195.00 
Glorious Adoration Collector Egg $90.00 
Star of the Garden Miniature Egg $37.50 
The Fabergé Imperial Musical Carousel Egg $495.00 
The Fabergé Spring Egg Basket $195.00 
The Fabergé Moonlight Musical Carousel Egg $195.00 
Crucifixion Miniature Collector Egg $37.50 
The Fabergé Summer Egg Basket (Porcelain) $195.00
The Flowers of Fabergé Arabian Dance Musical Box (Rose) $69.00 
The Nativity Collector Egg $37.50 
The Fabergé Autumn Egg Basket (Porcelain) 
The Fabergé Musical Carousel Egg $195.00 
The Jewels of Spring Collector Egg Tree $245.00 
"Rainbow in the Garden" Miniature Egg $37.50 
Amethyst Garden $90.00 
Splendor in the Garden Miniature Egg $37.50 
"Beauty in the Garden" Miniature Egg $37.50 
Resurrection Miniature Collector Egg $37.50 
The Fabergé Winter Egg Basket $195.00 
Waltz of the Hummingbird Imperial Jeweled Egg $6,900.00 
"Brilliance in the Garden" Miniature Egg $37.50 
Opal Garden $90.00 
Sapphire Inspiration Crystal Carousel Egg $195.00 
"Red Ginger Garden" Miniature Egg $37.50 
The Fabergé Christmas Egg Ornament Collection $120.00

 Home Decor
Once Upon a Dream Musical Jewelry Box

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Collection Carl Faberge
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