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Fine Art Sales

love_fine_art.gif (19825 bytes)We have two 20th Century Fine Arts sales per year. 

Highlights from our last 20th Century Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture sale:

  • David Park, Finger Counting, 1960, Gouache on paper, Estimate: $40,000/60,000 sold for $96,000
  • Antoni Clave, Roi au Bouclier, 1954-55, oil on board, signed, dated, Estimate: $30,000/50,000 sold for $96,375.00
  • Henri Matisse, Seated Woman, 1929, pencil on paper, property sold from the Palm Springs Desert Museum, Estimate: $20,000/30,000 sold for $52,125.00
  • Paul Wonner, Jazz Club (Las Vegas), Gouache on paper, signed, Estimate: $12,000/14,000 sold for $34,875.00

G. Favre - Source Parot (Lithograph)

Source Parot (Lithograph)
G. Favre
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