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New Zeppelin Pin Looks Old

This modern zeppelin pin is easily mistaken for vintage. Copies of vintage aviation-related silver pins are appearing in the market. Shown here is a 3-inch zeppelin.

The new fastener is made of silver. Silver is too weak to serve as a functional fastener; original fasteners were made of steel. The pin is marked .925. Any piece marked .925 is almost certainly made since 1975. Similar original American pins made from 1920 to the 1930s would be marked "sterling," not .925.

Most originals were die-stamped. This modern zeppelin, however, is cast in a mold, making it much heavier than an original.

Courtesy of Antique & Collectors Reproduction News (ACRN)


Graf Zeppelin - Empire State Blding W Graf Zeppelin
Empire State Blding W Graf Zeppelin
Graf Zeppelin
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