CAST-IRON HUBLEY TOYS In 1892, John Hubley founded the Hubley toy company in Lancaster, Penn. By 1940, the company was the world's largest manufacturer of cast iron toys. However, such toys became less profitable due to freight costs and foreign competition. Eventually many of the cast iron molds were sold. Chatelaine's Antiques Collectibles Appraisals


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Dear Chatelaine's Antiques,
I want to buy some beautiful antiques that I saw on eBay. I live in South Carolina, but the seller is overseas. Any advice on shipping items to the United States?
Milton M.

Dear Milton,
It's wonderful how online auctions have opened markets and brought buyers and sellers together from all over the world. But be careful. Customs fees and other import laws can make buying objects from overseas a lot more complicated than you might expect.

First, make sure the objects can be legally imported. There are several items, including those made of ivory and materials from other endangered animals, which you can't bring into the United States.

Now do some calculations. You may find that packing, shipping, and delivery costs outweigh the value of your objects. According to the U.S. Customs Service's Guide to Importing, some seemingly inexpensive shipping methods can end up costing more, because they're susceptible to theft and logistical problems.

Try to arrange for postal or door-to-door delivery, so you don't have to meet your package at a port or hire someone to forward it to you. Make sure the seller provides an accurate description in English along with the package. Even though the seller writes it, you'll be the one paying fines if customs says the description is misleading.

Basically, maintain a good line of communication with the seller. And since you'll be on the hook for any mishaps, it pays to research all the laws and regulations. Visit the U.S. Customs Service web site for more information.



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