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Pablo Picasso ∑ The Louvre Test

Pablo Picasso ∑ The Louvre Test

After World War II, Pablo Picasso was asked to donate some works to French museums.  As a compensation, he was granted a confrontation of some of his paintings to works of his colleagues in the Louvre, on a day closed to the public. 

Only very few persons were present.  In a kind of ceremony, his works were hung side by side with other works of his choice.  Rarely did someone speak.

Afterwards, Picasso is to have said: "C'est la mÍme chose!", i.e. it's the same thing: He and the other masters were doing the same, despite of different styles and attitudes. 

Let's do our own "Louvre Test" right here, being a painter or not, to see what this kind of confrontation can do! Experience known works anew and different due to the new context! Meet two outstanding works of art talking to each other every month!  Two examples:

Rubens: Three Graces Renoir: Bather
Rubens (1577-1640)
Three Graces
Renoir (1841-1919)
Bather Arranging her Hair

Rembrandt: Self Portrait

Duerer: Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Self Portrait


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