Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Affluent Boston was among the first American cities to establish a museum of fine arts, in 1870.


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October/November 2002  Volume 4, Number 10

In this Issue

Jasper Johns to Jeff Koons: Exhibition: July 28 - October 20, 2002 @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Butterfields Fine Wine Auctions

Butterfields' Vintage Toys, Trains & Bears Department can be found at their SoMa Auction

Butterfields Auctions: SoMa Auctions accepting consignments

Butterfields Entertainment Memorabilia Auctions

Cleveland Museum Acquires Olmec-Style Vessel

Object ID Checklist  |  FBI & Interpol Fight Art Theft

New! Ask an Expert!
Appraisal of the Week:
Feature: State of the African Art Market
Meet an Expert: Marcus Chatelaine, Medals & Militaria
Expert Tip: What's HOT in collectibles?


New! Ask an Expert!
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  Appraisal of the Week:
Opinion: State of the African Art Market
"Dear 1Earth: My husband and I lived in the former Belgian Congo for almost 9 years. While there, we gathered some interesting African art not tourist junk. Is there a demand for that sort of thing?" Find out what 1Earth has to say to this reader.

Meet an Expert: Marcus Chatelaine, Militaria, Military Medals
Thirty four years ago when Marcus was a Cub Scout, the first merit badge he went after was the Collector badge. Marcus recently sold the badges he was awarded in the Scouts and purchased a tidy second hand station wagon with the proceeds. The website business Eureka Militaria is the result of Mr Webb's passion for badges, patches, medals and militaria.

Expert Tip: These GENUINE Tibetan Thangka paintings and gilt/bronze statues!  

The Tibet and China issue is yet to be resolved - though recent talks between the Chinese and those within the Dalai Lama's camp are setting precedents.  The way the world is turning these days, we are not the first to predict that this issue WILL BE RESOLVED SOON!  These beautiful and GENUINE Tibetan works of art are appreciating in value every day - and you have the knowledge that your purchase is helping the artesans of Dharmasala - the real Tibetans - and not the Chinese who are ripping off the Tibetan culture.