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Glossary of Terms for Prints and Poster collectors

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Glossary of Terms ~ Prints & Vintage Posters

The following are examples of the terminology used in poster sales. Please note that all statements and terms are subject to the provisions of the Conditions of Sale.

A. Authorship
1. (Artist) This indicates that the work, in our best judgment, is by the named artist. No unqualified statement as to authorship is made or intended.

2. After (Artist) In our best judgment, a copy of a known work by the artist.

B. Title
If there is a generally accepted title for the lot, that title is given at the beginning of the description.  If the work does not have a title or the title is not known to us, a descriptive title is given.

C. References
When possible, the standard catalogue raisonné of the artist’s work is cited in parentheses after the title.

D. State
Unless otherwise noted, the impression is, in our best judgment, the only published state of the print.

E. Date
If not included in the catalogue, the date may sometimes be found in the cited cat-alogue raisonné.

F. Edition
Within pratical limitations of available information, we attempt to represent fully the relevant information as to the extent of edition or editions of a particular print.

G. Signature
1. Signed: The signature is, in our opinion, the signature of the artist. 
2. Bears the signature: has a signature which, in our opinion, might be the signature of the artist.

H. Quality and Condition
Within practical limitations, we attempt to characterize the general quality and condition of the print.  This is done as a guideline to prospective bidders; however, clients are advised to inspect all prints personally as condition defects and quality of impressions are often a matter of personal judgment.  Please note that this ser-vice is subject to Paragraph 8 in the Conditions of Sale.

I. Framing
Prints are sold in the frames and/or mats in which they are received.  The Galleries assume no responsibility for their condition nor for their conformity to art conserva-tion standards.

J. Measurements
Measurements are taken from the platemark in the case of etchings and engravings and record maximum dimensions of the image of woodcuts, lithographs and serigraphs.  Height precedes width, in inches and in millimeters.


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