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Please see a sample Second Opinion below:
Category: Books and Manuscripts
Title: First Printing Hemingway Old Man and the Sea
Auction Site: Sample auctions
Auction ID #: 9999999999

Our experts have completed the Second Opinion on the online listing that you requested.

1. Comment on what the customer should be aware of before buying the item, including, if applicable:
  • Whether the item is listed correctly
  • The item's general popularity and availability
  • Any important question to ask the seller
  • Where to do further research
The seller is correct: this is the first American printing of Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea. This is a nice crisp copy and the dust jacket is in great condition. One thing the seller doesn't mention. The dust jacket is in what is called "a later state." This means that there is an earlier, even more desirable and rare version of the dust jacket, in which the photograph of Hemingway on the back of the jacket is printed in blue ink. (See Ernest Hemingway, a Comprehensive Bibliography by Audre Hanneman.) So even though this is a first printing, this book is not as valuable as it would be with the more desirable dust jacket.

2. An opinion on the item's wholesale and retail values based on the images and description provided from the online listing:

The Old Man and the Sea in this state regularly comes up at auction and is offered frequently in dealer's catalogs.

Wholesale value: around $500.00.
Retail value: about $800.00.

We hope this Second Opinion helps you make an informed decision on whether to bid on or buy the item you're interested in.


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