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Dear Chatelaine's Antiques,
A friend of mine has a huge collection of remote control cars. I'm so inspired by his knowledge and passion about his collection. I don't have a collection of any kind, but it seems like fun. Where do I start? What should I collect?
Kathryn Y.

Dear Kathryn,
Good question. There're so many things to collect, it can be difficult to decide what's right for you. Many people enjoy collecting items they grew up with, so Barbie, HotWheels, G.I. Joe, and other items that started in the '60s and '70s are all becoming popular. Also, historical items are a good bet. Pieces from the Civil War or Prohibition make good collection fodder.

One tip to remember: buy quality over quantity. In other words, if you have a choice between buying one thing for $100 or ten things for $10 each get the $100 dollar item.

When you start collecting, buy a good book on the subject. Much of the fun in collecting comes from learning all about your collection. Plus, a $50 investment in a great book might save you from making a $500 mistake! You also might check out some trade publications such as AntiqueWeek or Antique Trader. These are great resources. In fact, our experts write many of the articles.




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