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Collector Gets Great Deal on Rare Toby Jug

 Toby Jug and Character Jugs

 My husband and I attend several auction sites near where we live.  There's one in particular that's our favorite. It's small and seats maybe 100 to 150 people and it's almost always packed.

 Auctions are held usually every three weeks. We typically get a flyer in the mail notifying us about a sneak preview. We can preview the day before or any time the day of.

 My husband and I always preview the day before and make notes. Then when we get home, I'll go through the various offerings, getting more information on an item we're interested in.

A great deal on a rare Toby

  I'll look them up in books or eBay and Amazon to determine a value. We are prepared (somewhat) then to make bids and stop when our limit is reached.

 About a year or so ago, my husband and I attended an auction and found one lot of ruby stained and flashed glass items along with some "just stuff" we wanted to bid on. We paid $ 40.00 for the whole lot.

 One of the items was a Blue Willow Toby. Initially, I barely gave a look at the Toby, as I knew nothing about them. For a while, it just hung around in one of our glass cabinets at home.

 Then, to our amazement, we found out that this particular Staffordshire England signed Toby is rare and worth $1,200!

 Now that's a good investment if I should say so myself.


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