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What's Hot in Cowboy Collectibles

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Collectibles from the Franklin Mint:
The American West!


If you want to get ahead, get a hat!


There were certainly regional differences in what cowboys wanted or needed.  For instance, some cowboys would have hats made to order to fit the terrain.

Certain areas even had their own styles, like the Montana peak hat.  It's like a Smokey the Bear hat creased in on four sides.  Cowboys down in Texas preferred flat-top hats or a high crown.  They felt it kept them cooler out in the heat.

Still other cowboys just wanted their hats big and comfortable ten-gallon hats, for instance, were made out of felt.

Of course, the cowboys traveled a lot, so the styles all mixed together like an intermingling of cultures.



Frederic Remington - The Fall of the Cowboy
The Fall of the Cowboy
Frederic Remington

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Gene Autry Museum - Women of the Wild West
Women of the Wild West
Gene Autry Museum

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