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Katana Swords: Beautify Your Home or Office
By John Gottshall

Many people buy will buy a katana sword for decoration but eventually become fascinated with sword play that they end up signing up for a martial arts class and make use of their sword.

Among the 3 sizes of traditional samurai swords the katana has always been the most popular among collectors and martial artists alike. In addition to the katana sword there is also the Wakizashi, or short sword and then the tanto sword, about the size of a large knife.

When choosing a katana sword there are a few things to consider when deciding which sword is right for you? First will this sword be used in for cutting exercises or for display only? Donít think that if youíre wanting to buy a battle ready sword that it cannot be used for display. As a matter of fact most people who buy a battle ready katana sword never do anything but hang it on their wall. Why would anyone buy a battle ready sword but never really use it? Simple, because collectors want a katana sword thatís high quality and often they like to know that if they ever wanted to use it for cutting exercises they could. So if you find a battle ready katana sword then youíve also found yourself a sword that will be a nice display. On the other hand there are many decorative only katana swords that will look very nice in any home or office. The difference is the amount of money that youíll spend and the quality of construction.

If you want a battle ready sword you need to choose one that has a blade that is made from high carbon steel or folded steel. Any sword that has a blade made from stainless steel should only be for display. Stainless steel blades are not made to stand up to the rigors of cutting exercises or combat with other swords. Some of the best quality battle ready katana swords you can find are forged by Thaitsuki, Paul Chen and Cold steel.

At Japanese Swords 4 Samurai we have a large selection of Japanese katana swords to choose from. Weather you want a katana sword for combat or just for display weíve got what youíre looking for.

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 John Gottshall is the owner of Japanese Swords 4 Samurai. Your source for quality Chinese Swords & Weapons.

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