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Commodore Amiga 1000 for sale

 Commodore Amiga 1000
'Signature edition' 1985
Collectible computer history

Reluctantly selling a complete original Amiga 1000 package.

Click the picture to read Amiga trivia and the specifications of this great machine
*  Very good condition, everything has been in storage for over ten years.
*  7 days warranty on all hardware.  Everything works 100% (cannot guarantee the shareware or some software disks, however everything seems fine).
*  Phone Australia 0459-023550 to answer any questions
*  Will ship anywhere as buyer pays freight, from Sunshine Coast, Australia.
*  You can choose not to take the printer and/or monitor to save freight.
$120 Australian dollars the lot!
*  Can accept Paymate, Paypal or credit cards through those two services online, or personal cheques (international OK) - goods shipped after cheque clears.

$120 Australian dollars the lot!
Search the internet and you'll find elsewhere:

* Amiga keyboard for sale USD$29.99
* Amiga keyboard cable USD$5.00
* Amiga mouse USD$9.99
* Quickshot joystick $8.00
* external 3.5
" drive USD $19.99

That's USD$73.00 value there!
($130.35 Australian dollars)
Then there's the 1084 Amiga Monitor, the printer, the commercial software and shareware, the Amiga manuals, plus the Amiga 1000 Computer!
Search elsewhere on eBay and you'll find the computer going for $100 Australian, and the 1084 Monitor also going for $100.

Phone Australia 0459-023550


Commodore Amiga 1000 computer
1084 Amiga Monitor
External 3.5" Disk Drive * made by California
A520 RF Modulator
*  Amiga Mouse

Quickshot joystick
*  Unknown brand joystick, which has been modified with short stick - ideal for Test Drive car racing and the Winter Olympics Games.
Dot matrix printer * (buyer may elect to not receive this to save freight, but price is inclusive, regardless)
*  All necessary cables
*  C128/PC to 1084 PAL/NTSC cable
*  Original Amiga Manuals:

  • AmigaDOS
  • Amiga BASIC
  • Amiga Tutorial
  • 'The Amiga' published by Microsoft Press 1986, the best book for Images, Sounds and Animation on the Amiga


Commercial software includes:

  • Amiga Kickstart v1.0 and v1.2
  • Amiga Workbench (international v1.2)
  • Amiga Extras
  • Dpaint
  • Prowrite word processor with manual
  • Analyze spreadsheet in box with manual
  • Superbase Personal database
  • GPTerm Comms in box with manual
  • SimCity & Populous in box with manual
  • King of Chicago in box with manual
  • Mind Forever Voyaging in box with manual
  • Batman in box with manual
  • A320 Airbus Flight Simulator in box with manual (needs 1 meg RAM)
  • Zork III in box with manual
  • 10 MEGADISC Amiga Magazines on a disk, many with commercial software demos and working versions
  • Dozens of Amiga magazine cover disks

Shareware software includes:

 Hundreds of fully functioning programs - over 210 disks!  Most of the Fish and Amicus and Amigan series.
 Working versions of: Backgammon, Space Invaders, Wheel of Fortune, Dark Castle, Marble Madness, SimEarth, Winter Olympics, Test Drive, text editors, ray trace, mandelbrot, animation, music and voice synthesisers & music edit suites, office programs, virus killers, SID disk management, genealogy, home management, communications, BBS and much more - plenty to play with! 

Phone Australia 0459-023550