Antique Jewellery: Its Manufacture, Materials & Design An Absolutely wonderful resource, that is concise, and well laid out by category.


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Antique Jewelry

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Antique Jewellery: Its Manufacture, Materials, & DesignAntique Jewellery: Its Manufacture, Materials & Design
by James Duncan

Most Excellent Resource!
An Absolutely wonderful resource, that is concise, and well laid out by category.
Easy to use and contains superbly informative illustrations.
I will continue to use this wealth of information as a guide.
I can't believe the large amount of information contained in one small volume!  Gives credence to the phrase that "good things come in a small package"!  Changed a novice collector into a more informed treasure hunter!
Reviewer from CA

Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry, 1840-1950
by Jeanenne Bell

Bell, an appraiser for PBS's Antiques Roadshow and the author of collectible jewelry guides and videos, has released another update to her 1996 work of the same title, now in its fifth edition.
An identification and value guide for a century's worth of collectible American and English jewelry, this title consists of three main sections: "When Was It Made and What Is It Worth?," "100 Years of Cameos," and "Manufacturing Techniques."
Each of six chapters in the first section covers a specific time and stylistic period; historical information introduces each of the chapters.  The entries provide the date, a brief written description, and the price value of each piece, augmented by more than 1700 photographs, some in color.
Prices are either from an auction house, collector, or dealer, with the source used indicated for every entry.
Helpful appendixes cover how to date jewelry, distinguish metals, authenticate pieces, and identify designer and trademarks.  The unfortunate absence of an index limits access; however, the table of contents is detailed.
Useful for serious jewelry collectors and casual hobbyists alike, Bell's work is a nice complement to Christie Romero's Warman's Jewelry (Warman's: Krause, 1998) and is recommended for larger public libraries.


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