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Collecting Twentieth-Century Painting: A Guide

Timeline of 20th century painting and art schools

Three art movements that set the 20th Century on its course: Fauvism, Expressionism & the Cubists

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Art Recommended Reading

~ Art Collector's Corner ~

Miller's Guide to Posters and Prints

Collecting Prints & Posters

Janet Gleeson, Louise Martin, Richard
Hardcover (1997)

The Complete Guide to Limited Edition Art Prints

The Complete Guide to Limited Edition Art Prints:
How to Identify, Invest & Care for Your Collection

Jay Brown, Paperback
Limited edition (1999)

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Currier's Price Guide to American Artists at Auction
William T. Currier
Paperback (1994)

Collectors Guide to Early Twentieth Century American Prints
Michael Ivankovich
Paperback (1998)
Currier's Price Guide to European Artists at Auction
William T. Currier
Paperback (1995)
British Prints
Ian MacKenzie
16th-Century Italian Ornament Prints
Elizabeth Miller
Hardcover (1999)
British Watercolours:
At the Victoria and
Albert Museum

Ronald Parkinson
Hardcover (1998)
Salvador Dali:
Catalogue Raisonne of Prints II Lithographs
and Wood Engravings

Ralf Michler, Lutz Lopsinger
Hardcover (1997)

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