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Antique & Rare Books

~ Rare Book Collector's Corner ~
A Collector’s Guide to the Wonderful World of Books!

The Official Price Guide to Old Books
by Marie Tedford, Pat Coudey

Whether you’ve found a century-old cookbook in your attic, are curious about your favorite contemporary author, or want to appraise a classic from your childhood, The Official Price Guide to Old Books offers all the professional advice and information you need to determine the right values and the proper care for your books.

COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED: The Official Price Guide to Old Books contains values for thousands of titles, from classic to contemporary, to help you enrich your shelves with unforgettable stories and priceless collectibles!

LISTINGS BY AUTHOR FOR EASY REFERENCE: Plus, there are listings of authors cross-referenced by category.

EVERY GENRE IS INCLUDED: From medical texts and early travel journals to science fiction and poetry, this incredible sourcebook covers both the old and the new—from Shakespeare and Dickens to Clancy and Grisham.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: This book contains valuable tips on buying, selling, and preserving your books, as well as a complete glossary of book-collecting terms.

Comprehensive and organized for easy access, this phenomenal reference provides the current value for thousands of books, from the old and rare to more modern volumes. Here are the hottest areas of book collecting, plus detailed information on collectible Bibles and children's books. More than 10,000 prices are listed.

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Huxford's Old Book
Value Guide:
25,000 Listings of Old Books With Current Values

Bob Huxford,
Sharon Huxford
Hardcover (1999)

Collected Books: The Guide to Values 2002
by Allen Ahearn, Patricia Ahearn

ABC for Book Collectors
by John Carter, Nicolas Barker

Book Collecting 2000: A Comprehensive Guide
by Allen Ahearn, Patricia Ahearn

Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions by Bill McBride

Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World
by Lawrence Goldstone, Nancy Goldstone