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Coin Tubes, Mounts & Folders for U.S.A. Coins

 Coin Tubes, Mounts & Folders for U.S.A. Coins
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Folders Books
Coin Folders
Indian, 1857-1909
0307090434_m.gif (16516 bytes) Dimes; Plain
0307090000_m.gif (16313 bytes) Coin Folders
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Nickels: Collection 1938 to 1961
0307090140_m.gif (16476 bytes) Coin Folders
Mercury, 1916-1945
0307090299_m.gif (16625 bytes) Roosevelt Dimes: Collection 1946 to 1964 No 1
0307090345_m.gif (14956 bytes) Coin Folders
Roosevelt 1965 to Date
0307090183_m.gif (13486 bytes) Washington Quarters, No. 1
Coin Folders Dollars; Eisenhower-Anthony 0307090310_m.gif (14955 bytes) Washington Quarters 1965 - 1987
Coin Folders
Half Dollars; Franklin, 1948-1963
Washington Quarters: Book 2
0307096998_m.gif (16741 bytes) Coin Folders
Half Dollars; Kennedy 1964-1985
0307090396_m.gif (15444 bytes) Jefferson Nickels, 1962 to Date
Coin Folders
Half Dollars;
Liberty Walking #02
Coin Folders Miscellaneous; 20th Century Types
0307090086_m.gif (15840 bytes) Coin Folders Nickels;
Buffalo, 1913-1938
Coin Folders Nickels; Liberty Head
Coin Folders Quarters;
Liberty Standing
0307090388_m.gif (16072 bytes) Coin Folders Quarters; Washington
1988 to Date
0307090426_m.gif (15488 bytes) Coin Folders;

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Diderot - Coining XI
Coining XI
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