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Ancient, old & rare coins

~ Coin Collecting Corner ~
Ancient, old & rare coins

On this page:   Britain,    Greek,   Roman

Ancient Coin Collecting Ancient Coin Collecting
Wayne Sayles
Hardcover (1996)


Greek Coins Greek Coins
Ian Carradice
Paperback (1995)

Sovereignty and Coinage in
Classical Greece

Thomas Martin
Hardcover (1985)

Archaic and Classical Greek Coins
C. Kraay
Hardcover (1993)

Arthur S. Dewing Collection of Greek Coins
Leo Mildenberg, Sylvia Hurter
Hardcover (1985)

The Greek Coins
(Athenian Agora, Vol 26)

John Kroll, Alan Walker
Hardcover (1993)



Celtic Coinage in Britain
Philip De Jersey
Paperback (1999)

South-Eastern Museums:
Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon, and Later Coins to 1279

A. Gunstone, Veronica Smart
Hardcover (1993)

Coinage in the Roman Economy,
300 B.C. to A.D. 700
Kenneth Harl
Hardcover (1996)


Polish Museums
Andrzej Mikolajczyk
Hardcover (1988)

The J.J. North Collection:
Edwardian Silver Coins, 1279-1351

Jeffrey North
Hardcover (1989)


Apis: Inscriptions, Coins and Addenda
G.Kater-Sibbes, M.Vermaseren
Hardcover (1997)

Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
Zander Klawans, Ken Bressett
Paperback (1995)

Ancient History from Coins
Paperback (1995)

Ancient Portraiture:
The Sculptor's Art in Coins and Marble

M. Jentoft-Nilsen
Paperback (1995)

Outline of Ancient Coins
Zander Klauvans
Paperback (1980)

The McGill University Collection of Greek and Roman Coins
Michael Woloch
Hardcover (1986)

Medieval Coins in the Christian J. Thomsen Collection
Kristian Erslev
Hardcover (1992)



The Venetian Tornesello:
A Medieval Colonial Coinage
Alan Stahl
Hardcover (1986)

Troy the Coins
Alfred Bellinger
Hardcover (1979)


Diderot - Coining XI
Coining XI
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2002 Guide to U.S. Coins: Prices and Value Trends
by William Gibbs

The Insider's Guide to U.S. Coin Values 2002
by Scott Travers

The Whitman Coin Guide to Coin Collecting
by Kenneth Bressett

Coin Collector's Price Guide
by Robert Obojski

2001 Guide to U.S. Coins, Prices, & Value Trends
by William Gibbs