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Australian Platinum Proof Coins

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Australian Platinum Proof Coins

Australian Platinum Proof Coins - Koala

By special arrangement with the owner, this highly collectible investment coin is available now for only $2150.00  SOLD OUT
The following accompanies the Platinum Proof from Down Under

1998 Australian Koala Platinum Proof Issue

Dear Preferred Customer,

Congratulations on acquiring the 1998 Australia Two-Ounce Platinum Koala Proof a spectacular legal tender Proof coin from the world-renowned Perth Mint. Not only is this coin struck in .9995 pure platinum, it is also an exquisite coin from 'Down Under" that is limited to only 100 Proofs in the world.

Preferred Customer Service is the exclusive U.S. distributor!
You are extremely fortunate to have obtained your 1998 Australia Two-Ounce Platinum Koala Proof at this time because with just 25 coins allocated for sale in the United States. This is an extremely limited Perth Mint issue. First issued in 1991. The Koala is the world's ONLY two ounce platinum Proof that makes this Proof even more coveted by collectors around the world is that platinum is the most prized and valuable of all precious metals. In fact, platinum is 17 times more scarce than gold!

All past issues of the stunning Koala Proofs have been complete sell-outs in Australia and the United States. In addition, Aussie coins are extremely popular among collectors in their native country. Since demand for Platinum Koala Proofs far exceeds the supply, the Australian Government has developed a lottery system to sell them to Australian collectors in a way that gives everyone a fair chance. Thanks to a special arrangement with the Perth Mint, we've secured the entire U.S. allotment!

Your exquisite Proof features a koala designed by Perth Mint designer Jovan Radanovich on the reverse and a stately portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. As you examine your coin, be sure to notice its frosted cameo images and deep mirrored fields that are hallmarks of the world's finest Proofs. An unparalleled example of the art of engraving. this Proof is another masterpiece in a long line of artistic and numismatic treasures struck at Australia's Perth Mint. With a history that dates back nearly 100 years. The Perth Mint is heralded globally for its quality and craftsmanship.

Your 1998 Australia Two-Ounce Platinum Koala Proof comes in an official mint presentation case that was crafted from lustrous, richly-grained jarrah wood, a prized indigenous hardwood from the magnificent forests of south western Australia. Also included is a numbered Certificate of Authenticity from the Perth Mint.

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