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America's Money America's Money,
America's Story

Richard Doty
Paperback (1998)

Colonial Coins

Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins
Walter Breen
Hardcover (1987)

American Coins American Coins
Mark Hoff
Hardcover (1996)

 Blackbook Price Guide

The Official 2000 Blackbook Price Guide to United States Coins
Marc Hudgeons
Paperback (1999)

2000 American Guide to U.S. Coins Charles French,
John Adler
Paperback (1999)
Guide Book of United States Coins 2000 R.S. Yeoman
Hardcover (1999)
Handbook of United States Coins 2000 R.S. Yeoman
Paperback (1999)
1999 Handbook of United States Coins:
Official Blue Book of United States Coins
R. S. Yeoman
Paperback (1998)
United States Coins: 1999 A Guide Book of United States Coins: 1999
R. S. Yeoman, Kenneth Bressett
Hardcover (1998)

Blackbook Price Guide

1999 American Guide to U.S. Coins
Charles French,
John Adler
Paperback (1998)

Blackbook Price Guide The Official 1999 Blackbook Price Guide of United States Coins
Marc Hudgeons, Tom Hudgeons
Paperback (1998)

Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins

The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins
Brad Reed
Paperback (1998)

Coin World Guide to U.S. Guide to U.S. Coins, Prices & Value Trends: 1999
Editors of Coin World
Paperback (1998)

Coin World Guide to U.S.

Coin World Guide to U.S. Coins, Prices & Value Trends: 1997
William Gibbs, Keith Zaner
Paperback (1996)

United States Gold Coins:
An Illustrated History

Q. David Bowers  Hardcover (1982)

Coin Values 1999

The Insider's Guide to U.S. Coin Values 1999
Scott Travers
Paperback (1998)

Silver Dollars 1794 to 1804 The United States Early Silver Dollars 1794 to 1804
Jules Reiver
Hardcover (1998)
The Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia
John Highfill  Hardcover (1992)
Discovering America the Coin Collection Connection Russell Rulau
Paperback (1990)
Early American Tokens Russell Rulau
Paperback (1991)
Standard Catalog of U.S. Tokens 1700-1900 Russell Rulau
Paperback (1997)
Early Coins of America S.S. Crosby
Hardcover (1990)
Struck Copies for Early American Coins E. Kenny
Paperback (1982)
Edmund's United States Coin Prices:
Current Market Values for All United States Coins and Grades, Fall/Winter 1999

Paperback (1999)
The Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies:
A Modern Survey of Early English and Irish Counterfeit Coppers Circulating in the Americas

William Anton, Bruce Kesse
Hardcover (1992)
Buried Treasures of the Great Plains:
Legends of Lost Immigrant Caches, Abandoned Payroll Coins, and Stagecoach Robbery Loot-From North Dakota to Texas

W. C. Jameson
Paperback (1998)
How to Grade U.S. Coins
A Step-by-step guide to the grading of uncirculated and proof coins

James Halperin
Paperback (1987)

The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins Paperback (1997)
Striking Impressions:
A Visual Guide to Collecting U.S. Coins

Robert Van Ryzin
Paperback (1992)
1999 Guide to U. S. Coins, Prices & Value Trends Beth Deisher,
Suellen Ruttkey
Paperback (1998)
Ledger of U. S. Coins Coin World Staff
Paperback (1998)
Collecting U.S. Coins:
A Guide for Beginner

Paperback (1993)
A Guide Book of United States Currency
Ken Bressett
Paperback (1995)
The Investor's Guide to United States Coins:
Everything You Need to Know About the Number One Emerging Growth Area for the 90's

Neil Berman, Hans Schulman
Hardcover (1986)
United States Branch Mint at Charlotte, North Carolina:
Its History and Coinage

Clair M. Birdsall
Hardcover (1988)
Sylloge of the United States Holdings in the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution: Gold Coins, 1785-1834
Cory Gillilland, Charles Rand
Hardcover (1992)
U.S. Coins by Design Types:
An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor

Q. David Bowers Paperback (1988)
United States & Canada Coin Collector's;
Checklist & Record Book
Paperback (1997)
United States and Canada Coin Collector's Check List and Record Book
Paperback (1996)