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G. Heck - Coin Press 1851
Coin Press 1851
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Australian Token Coins

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~ Token Coins ~

Miscellaneous Australian Coins, Tokens & Medallions

Year Cond. Value Comments
1920 EF $1000 Penny - cracked die

Tokens & Medallions

Year Condition Value Comments


VF $20 Australian Boy Scouts Commendation Medal
1988 Unc $20 City to Surf Sun-Herald Medal
1980s VF $5 Sydney Ferry Token PJ&MSS.Co '' letter M
1970s VF $5 SHF p/l
1970s? VF $5 PJ & MSS.Co
1945 Unc $50 Victory Medal
1945 VF $20 Victory Medal
1920 VF $30 Commemorative Prince of Wales
1889 VF $30 Presbyterian Jubilee

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Victorian Souvenir Medals
Daniel Fearon
Paperback (1999)
Early American Tokens
Russell Rulau
Paperback (1991)
Struck Copies for Early American Coins
E. Kenny
Paperback (1982)
Hard Times Tokens 1832-1844
Russ Rulau, David Bowers
Paperback (1996)
Latin American Tokens Catalog and Guide Book
Russell Rulau
Paperback (1992)
Standard Catalog of U.S. Tokens 1700-1900
Russell Rulau
Paperback (1997)

Australian Wrest Point Casino chips

Year Condition Value Comments
1973 VF $2 $1 chip
1977 EF $5 $2 chip

See also our Badges page for more Medallions

We use the following grading system, used internationally to conservatively grade our tokens and coins:

Unc = Uncirculated   EF = Extremely Fine   VF = Very Fine

F = Fine   VG = Very Good    G = Good   P = Poor

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Diderot - Coining XI
Coining XI
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