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Matchbook Advertising Cuts of the Twenties and Thirties

The Label Made Me Buy It

The Art of the Label: Designs of the Times

Matchcover Collector's Price Guide

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Luggage Labels: And the Golden Age of Travel

Beer Labels of the World
Bill Yenne

Huxfords Collectible Advertising:
An Illustrated Value Guide

Sharon Huxford, Bob Huxford
Hardcover (1998)



Collectible Advertising Labels

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Collecting Advertising Labels

matchcover collectiblesThe Matchcover
Collector's Price Guide:

The Comprehensive Reference Book and Price Guide to Matchcovers
Bill Retskin
Paperback (1998)

Wow! Great for the novice matchbook collector!
Let's see, I have matchbooks with matches and matchbooks without matches.  Some have front strikes some have back strikes.  Some of the matches have a design on them when the cover is opened.  Some have 20 matches some have 30 matches...what to do?

Well, I ordered this book and quickly, some 900 matchbooks of different sizes, shapes,ages and colors all began to come together with order.

I even had some of the exact matchbooks described and pictured in the book.  I recommend for the novice who finds him/herself with a sudden collection of firestarters from yesteryear.
Reviewer from Alabama