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Perfume Bottles

~ Collecting Perfume, Avon & Perfume Bottles ~
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 The Art of Perfume

The Art of Perfume:
Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles

Christie Mayer Lefkowith

Would Eternity smell the same -- or sell the same -- in a cough medicine bottle? Exactly Lefkowith's point.

Her superior collection includes a 1926 bottle of Guerlain's Rolls Royce, which presumably doesn't smell like motor oil.

By the time someone documents and publishes the history and artistry of a particular collectible, chances are that prices will be in the decidedly non-affordable range.

Be that as it may, Lefkowith concentrates on the first 60 years of this century, chronicling the effects of fashion, architecture, and art on the development of perfume bottles. All of the creations echo well-known design influences, including art nouveau and art deco.

Perfume Bottles

Perfume Bottles:
A Collector's Guide
(Miller's Collector's Guides)

Madeleine Marsh

Millerís Collectorís Guides is a series of books aimed at providing an essential introduction to varied and popular subjects for the budding collector.

Reflecting the growing trend in the antiques market towards "collectibles" (small, often affordable items) these practical guides are filled with ideas on how to form a collection, what to specialize in, and how to identify objects.  Often showing specially photographed items, these are guides no collector can afford to be without.

Avon & C.P.C. Collector's Encyclopedia:
The Official Guide for Avon Bottle Collectors

Bud Hastin

Bud Hastin's new completely revised 15th edition guide features over 200 categories of Avon collectibles. Informative text tells what's hot and what's not in Avon collecting and where to buy and sell these popular items.

L'Ame Parfumee Des Jardins
Catherine Laroze, Jerry Harpur

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