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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Anniversary Jubilee Year
Year Gemstone Year Gemstone Year Gemstone
1st Gold Jewelry  13th Yellow Citrine 25th Silver Jubilee
2nd Garnet 14th Opal 30th Pearl Jubilee
3rd Pearls 15th Ruby 35th Emerald
4th Blue Topaz 16th Peridot 40th Ruby
5th Blue Sapphire 17th Watches 45th Sapphire
6th Amethyst 18th Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl 50th Golden Jubilee
7th Onyx 19th Aquamarine 55th Alexandrite 
8th Green Tourmaline 20th Emerald 60th Diamond Jubilee
9th Lapis Lazuli 21st Iolite 70th Sapphire Jubilee
10th Diamond 22nd Spinel 80th Ruby Jubilee
11th Turquoise 23rd Imperial Topaz    
12th Jade 24th Tanzanite    



Anniversary Bands
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Art Nouveau Jewelry

Art Nouveau Jewelry
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