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The Crown Jewels

 St Edward's Crown

 Refurbished for Charles II's coronation from an old crown; the gold may have come from Edward the Confessor's crown

 St Edward's Crown is one of the British Crown Jewels used primarily in the coronation of a new monarch. It was made in 1661 for the coronation of Charles II, and is reputed to contain gold from the Crown of St Edward the Confessor, an English monarch who reigned in the eleventh century.

St Edward's Crown

The Crown's design includes a base with four crosses pattee alternating with four fleurs-de-lis, above which are two arches surmounted by a cross. In the centre is a velvet cap with an ermine border. The Crown is made of solid gold and set with 444 precious stones. Formerly, it was set with jewels hired for the coronation, and then the crown was dismantled, leaving only the frame. However, in 1911, the jewels used were set permanently.

Traditionally, it is the Crown used to crown the Sovereign during a coronation. Due to its weight, however, Queen Victoria and Edward VII chose to be crowned with the lighter Imperial State Crown.

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