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Famous Diamonds

 Agra Diamond

The city of Agra was founded by the Mogul Emperors who made it their capitol for more than a hundred years in the 1500's and 1600's until Aurangzeb, the 6th mogul emperor transferred the seat of the monarchy to Delhi in 1658.

 Ahmadabad Diamond

Ahmadabad, the capitol of the Indian state of Gujarat, is located 550 km north of Bombay, on the Sabarmati River. The city has long been a center for trading and cutting diamonds, both of which are still pursued there today.

 Allnatt Diamond

When Porter Rhodes traveled to the Isle of Wight in 1881 to show to his fine white diamond crystal to Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie of France, who was at that time residing nearby, he helped to dispel a myth:.

 Amsterdam Diamond

This rare black diamond of African origin is reported to be completely black. It weighs 33.74 carats, has 145 facets and was cut from a 55.85-carat rough. The stone was first shown in February, 1973, at D. Drukker & Zn., Amsterdam.

 Archduke Joseph Diamond

This 76.45-carat diamond gets its name from from Archduke Joseph August (1872-1962), a previous owner of the gem and a prince of the Hungarian line of the Hapsburg dynasty.

 Arcots Diamond

The Hanoverian rulers of Great Britain amassed a large collection of personal jewelry and Queen Charlotte, the consort of King George III, was surely no exception.

 Ashberg Diamond

It is said that this amber-colored, cushion-shaped diamond weighing 102.48 carats, was formerly part of the Russian Crown Jewels. It must have been a late addition to that collection because the stone bears all the characteristics of one from South...

 Beau Sancy Diamond

Amongst the numerous diamonds of the Royal Treasury there is one only possessing historical interest. This is a brilliant of splendid shape weighing 34 carats, worn as a pendant to a necklace, and known as the 'Little Sancy.'

 Black Orlov Diamond

According to the legend, the Black Orlov is said to have taken its name from the Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov who owned it for time during the mid-eighteenth century. It is a 67.50-carat cushion-cut stone, a so-called black diamond...

 Blue Empress Diamond

Harrods department store in London has unveiled a diamond necklace valued at around £10 million ($16 million US) which it hopes will be sold as a Christmas present. The necklace has already attracted a bid of $10 million. ...

 Blue Heart Diamond

Some reports refer to this unusual diamond as the "Eugenie Blue" although it is now recognized that there is no evidence of its having been owned by the Empress.

 Blue Magic Diamond

Here is what's auction said about the stone when it was up for auction: "A MAGNIFICENT FANCY VIVID BLUE DIAMOND RING Set with a modified pear-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond weighing 12.02 carats to the tapered baguette-cut ...

 Briolette of India Diamond

The Briolette of India is a legendary diamond of 90.38 carats, which, if the fables about it are true, may be the oldest diamond on record, perhaps older than the Koh-I-Noor Diamond. In the 12th century, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the first Queen of France...

 Centenary Diamond

The diamond Jubilee of De Beers Consolidated Mines passed off quietly in 1948, the massive post-WWII growth and expansion of the diamond industry had barely begun, while several important sources of diamonds, including the Premier Mine,

 Conde Diamond

The Grand Condé is one of the most unusual of the world's notable diamonds: a light pink pear-shaped stone of 9.01 carats. Agents of Louis XIII are said to have bought the stone in 1643 after which the King presented it to Louis de Bourbon, Prince ...

 Cullinan Diamonds

The Cullinan I - aka the Star of Africa. 530.20 carats. Royal Scepter with Star of Africa (The stone can be removed from the Royal Scepter and worn as a pin or pendant.) The Star of Africa, a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats, ...

 Darya-i-Nur Diamond

Considered to be the most celebrated diamond in the Iranian Crown Jewels and one of the oldest known to man, the 186-carat Darya-i-Nur is a crudely fashioned stone measuring 41.40 × 29.50 × 12.15mm. The name means Sea of Light, River of Light ...

 De Beers Diamond

Not long after the formation of De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in March 1888, a huge light yellow octahedral crystal was found in the De Beers Mine. The gem weighed 428.50 old carats (old carats being the pre-1913 non-metric carat) ...

 De Young Red Diamond

A red diamond weighing in at 5.03 carats. The cut is a round brilliant, but as you can see, the main kite-shaped facets on the crown are horizontally divided in two, giving the stone slightly more brilliance than a standard round brilliant. ...

 Dresden Green Diamond

In the rough, greenish diamonds tend to occur as one of three types: a stone, often a crystal shape, possessing a light tinge rather like the color of water in a swimming pool; a stone with a dark green skin; ...

 Earth Star Diamond

The Earth Star was cut from a rough gem weighing 248.9 carats found in the Jagersfontein Mine on May 16th, 1967. It traveled right through the recovery process until it appeared on the grease table in the recovery plant. ..

 Eureka Diamond

This 10.73-carat brilliant is not, by ordinary standards, exceptional. However, it was cut from the first diamond found in South Africa and therefore has historical significance...

 Excelsior Diamond

The Excelsior I, set in an elaborate bracelet by Mouawad. On may 28th, 1971, a sad but inevitable event in mining history occurred: operations finally stopped at the Jagersfontein Mine. Not long before, the mine had celebrated its centenary, ...

 Florentine Diamond

This cubic zirconium replica was designed and cut by Scott Sucher. Sucher said he had to use mathematics to figure out the angles and measurements of the sides of the stone because of a lack of information about it. ...

 Golden Jubilee Diamond

Gabi Tolkowsky examines the diamond with a jeweler's loupe. The Golden Jubilee is the largest faceted diamond in the world, weighing 545.67 carats. The stone was designed by Gabi Tolkowsky, who also designed the 273.85-carat Centenary Diamond, ...

 Graff Asscher Cut Diamond

The stone is 'Asscher cut', which is a modern emerald cut that leans towards square rather than rectangular. It weighs 21.46 carats, is a D in color grade (completely colorless) and FL in clarity (flawless). ...

 Graff Blue Diamond

Not to be confused with the Graff Imperial Blue, which I am still looking for a photo of. I was not able to find many details about this stone, other than its weight, which is 6.19 carats. ...

 Graff Cushion Cut Diamond

This 11.89-carat D-color, Internally Flawless cushion shaped diamond has been featured a number of times in the Graff's advertisements in the New York Times newspaper. Cushion is one of the oldest diamond cuts there is. ..

 Great Chrysanthemum Diamond

In the summer of 1963, a 198.28-carat fancy brown diamond was found in the South African diamond fields. This unusual stone was purchased by Julius Cohen, New York City manufacturing jeweler, ...

 Gruosi Diamond

The famous Swiss jeweler Fawaz Gruosi is credited for starting the current enthusiasm for black diamond jewelry, launching the current fashion for black diamond in 1996 by creating some eye-catching collections of jewelry and watches ...

 Heart of Eternity Diamond

The Heart of Eternity It was expected that some 12-million people would visit the De Beers Millennium Jewels Exhibition at the Millennium Dome in London. There they were on view in a specially designed exhibit for the entire year of 2000. ..

 >Hope Diamond

The 45.52 carat steel blue Hope Diamond was found in India back in remote times as a rough crystal weighing 112 carats. It first came to light when Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the noted French traveler of the 17th century, ...

 Hortensia Diamond

King Louis XIV was responsible for the addition of this pale orangey-pink diamond to the Crown Jewels of France. However, the Hortensia was not one of the diamonds which the King had purchased from Jean Baptiste Tavernier, because the largest stone...

 Idol's Eye Diamond

When you see the term 'a blue-white Golconda diamond', this the type of stone being referred to. The Regent Diamond is another example of a large Golconda stone. The various published accounts of the early history of the Idol's Eye are worth ...

 Incomparable Diamond

The Incomparable was found in its rough state weighing 890 carats, and was found in the town of Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in the 1980s. It was found by a young young girl playing in a pile of rubble ..

 Indore Pears Diamond

The Indore Pears set as a pair of earrings. These two diamonds are linked to the Malabar Hill Murder: One evening in January of 1925 at an hour when the hanging gardens of Malabar Hill, one of the most salubrious parts of Bombay, ..

 Iranian Yellows Diamond

These African diamonds were acquired by Nasseridin Shah on his third trip to Europe in 1889, and are collectively known as the Iranian Yellows. There are a number of collections of large diamonds on display in the Iranian Treasury, ...

 Jubilee Diamond

This glorious colorless, cushion-shaped diamond with a weight of 245.35 carats ranks as the sixth largest diamond in the world. The original rough stone, an irregular octahedron without definite faces or shape weighed 650.80 (metric) carats; ...

 Kahn Canary Diamond

Discovered in Crater of Diamonds State Park, near Murfreesboro, Arkansas in 1977, the Kahn Canary is considered to be an unofficial symbol of the state. Bought and named by Stan Kahn of Kahn Jewelers in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the Kahn Canary ...

 Kimberly Diamond

A Flawless, 70-carat, step cut, champagne-colored diamond that was found in the Kimberly Mine, South Africa. It was recut into this modern shape in in 1921 from a large, flat stone that was once in the Russian Crown Jewels. ...

 Koh-I-Noor Diamond

It has been said that whoever owned the Koh-I-Noor ruled the world, a suitable statement for this, the most famous of all diamonds and a veritable household name in many parts of the world. Legend has suggested that the stone may date from before ...

 Krupp Diamond

The Krupp last sold at Sotheby's on May 16th, 1968, for $305,000, to Elizabeth Taylor. The stone weighs 33.19 carats and is mounted in a ring. She wears it nearly every day and in every film since acquiring it; ...

 La Favorite Diamond

The La Favorite, a 50.15-carat D-color, VVS-2 clarity, with the potential for being flawless if it were to be slightly recut. It is set in a ring by Bulgari. The La Favorite was mined in South Africa and made its debut at the Chicago World's Fair ...

 Millennium Star Diamond

De Beers and the Steinmetz Group has unveiled the world's rarest and arguably the most valuable set of diamonds ever put together to mark the year 2000. Stressing that 'millennia come and go, but diamonds are forever,' the diamond giant's Chairman ...

 Mouawad Blue Diamond

In the early 1970s Robert Mouawad first arrived on the jewellery auction scene. Soon his very presence in the sale-room was enough to send pulses racing when it was realized that a new, significant player had appeared. ...

 Mouawad Lilac Diamond

This is a 24.44-carat emerald cut owned by Robert Mouawad. It's current estimated value is over $20,000,000. (Twenty Million Dollars.) The exact color grade and clarity has not been published, but it due to its name and the photo, ...

 Mouawad Magic Diamond

Lebanese diamond dealer Robert Mouawad first appeared on the diamond scene in the 1970s. Soon his very presence in the sale or auction room was enough to send pulses racing when it was realized that a new, significant player had appeared. ...

 Mouawad Mondera Diamond

This 60.19-carat D-color Flawless diamond is owned by Robert Mouawad and was named to represent both the traditional world of the family jeweler and the new face represented by, the jewelry e-tailers founded by his sons..

 Mouawad Pink Diamond

A radiant cut pink diamond of 21.06 carats owned by Robert Mouawad. It has an estimated value of over $12,000,000. Its exact color grade is unpublished, but it has a clarity of VS1. ...

 Mouna Diamond

The Mouna Diamond weighs 112.53 carats and is VS1 clarity. When it was submitted to the Gemological Institute of America on November 9th, 1995, they stated that up until this date it was the largest Fancy Intense Yellow diamond ...

 Moussaieff Red Diamond

The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, famous for outstanding stones like the Premier Rose and the Guinea Star, cut this gem from a 13.90-carat rough. They transformed the piece into a spectacular red diamond weighing 5.11 carats. ...

 Nepal Diamond

"The Ageless Diamond" exhibition sponsored by Christie's and De Beers in London in 1959 showed few exhibits as breath-taking as this pear-shaped diamond, weighing 79.41 metric carats, mounted as a pendant with a diamond chain. ...

 Niarchos Diamond

Unlike the proverbial cat, one may expect the Premier Mine to enjoy only four lives. The first lasted from the discovery of the diamond pipe just before 1902 - and the formation of the Premier (Transvaal) Diamond Mining Company - ...

 Nur-Ul-Ain Diamond

The centerpiece of this tiara is the Nur-Ul-Ain Diamond, one of the largest pink diamonds in the world. The diamond is thought to have been brought from India, along with the Darya-I-Nur Diamond. The diamond is set in platinum, ...

 Ocean Dream Diamond

GIA Color Grade: Fancy Deep blue-green Weight: 5.51 carats Owner: Cora Diamond Corporation By virtue of its color alone, the Ocean Dream, found in central Africa, is one of the very rarest diamonds known to man. The incredible color of this 5.51 carat...

 Orlov Diamond

Legend, fact, supposition and theory each must be accorded its place in any historical account of this celebrated diamond. Nowadays the Orlov is one of the most important items in one of the greatest collections of gems and jewelry...

 Orlov Taj-I-Mah Diamond

The Taj-E-Mah Diamond (lower left stone). The other four loose diamonds weigh 72.50 carats, 54.50 carats, 47.50 carats, and 54.35 carats. The cushion-shaped one on the top left was probably cut from an even larger diamond. ...

 Paragon Diamond

This very unusual 7-sided diamond is known as the Paragon, and weighs 137.82 carats. The Graff Diamond Co. of London cut the gem, and is its current owner. The necklace has a diamond carat weight of 190.27 carats..

 Peacock Diamond

With the purchase of this unusual, 20.65-carat Fancy Intense Yellow, IF clarity (internally flawless) diamond by C.D.Peacock, Chicago's premier jewelry store plans to try to change the way people in America think about fancy colored diamonds ...

 Pink Orchid Diamond>

This purplish-pink marquise cut diamond weighs 22.84 carats and is known as the Pink Orchid. Graff Diamonds of London owns the stone....

 Pink Sun Rise Diamond

Famed diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky pays homage to his 273.85-carat Centenary with the Pink Sun Rise, a 29.78-carat diamond with a design similar to the Centenary's. The diamond is a rare, flawless pink and was cut by Tolkowsky ...

 Porter Rhodes Diamond

Considered to be the finest American diamond found up to that time (1880), the 153.50-carat rough this stone was cut from came from the claim of Mr. Porter-Rhodes in the Kimberly Mine. It was valued at $200,000. ...

 Portuguese Diamond

This stone was difficult to find information on. There's really only been a couple major owners of the Portuguese. This is what the Smithsonian Institute had to say about it. ...

 Premier Rose Diamond

This stone weighs 137.02 carats and is one of the largest D-color Flawless diamonds in the world. In March 1978 the Premier Mine in South Africa, the mine that produced the 3106-carat Cullinan Diamond, yielded yet another remarkable diamond, ...

 Pumpkin Diamond

GIA Color Grade: Fancy Vivid orange Weight: 5.54 carats Owner: Harry Winston, Inc This cushion-shaped diamond was in a ring worn by Halle Berry when she accepted her Best Actress Oscar® for the movie “Monster’s Ball” in 2002. ...

 Queen of Holland Diamond

There are differing opinions concerning the origin of this 135.92-carats cushion-cut diamond. The Dutch firm F. Friedman & Co. cut it into its present shape in 1904. ...

 Red Cross Diamond

This canary yellow cushion-shaped diamond weighs 205.07 (metric) carats. It is said to have weighed 375 carats in the rough and to have come from one of the Kimberly mines in 1901. The largest rough found that year weighed only 307 carats, ...

 Regent Diamond

The adventurous history of the Regent is very much like that of several other great diamonds. Greed, murder and remorse play a part in the opening chapter. Trouble - political, social, and personal - accompanies this gem ...

 Royal Purple Heart Diamond

This is a diamond I am still in the process of researching. The article I found with the stone reads "The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is the largest fancy vivid purple diamond known to exist, weighing 7.34 carats. ...

 Russian Crown Jewels

The Great Imperial Crown was made by a skilled court jeweler Jeremia Posier for the Empress Catherine II the Great's Coronation in 1762. It has a traditional shape and is made up of the two open hemispheres divided by a foliate garland. ..

 Sancy Diamond

The Sancy Diamond has one of the most interesting, colorful, confused and involved histories of all the famous diamonds in Europe. It is a pale yellow 55.23-carat shield-shaped stone, apparently of Indian origin...

 Sarah Diamond

Many incredibly valuable and historical diamonds have been discovered in South Africa, where Graff has the largest facilities for polishing gem quality diamonds. A magnificent rough diamond weighing 218 carats was acquired from ...

 Shah Jahan Table Cut Diamond

This table-cut or flat diamond, measuring 44.6 by 33 by 3.6 mm and weighing 56.71 carats, is one of several that have been credited as a match for the Great Table Diamond viewed by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier at Golconda in 1642. ...

 Shepard Diamond

The 18.30-carat Shepard Diamond is from South Africa, it was acquired by the Smithsonian Museum by exchange for a collection of small diamonds that had been seized as smuggled goods by the United States Customs Service ...

 Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

The Spirit of de Grisogono at 312.24 carats is the world's largest cut black diamond, and the world's 5th largest diamond, period. In a white gold mounting, it is set with 702 white diamonds totalling 36.69 carats....

 Splendor Diamond

GIA Color Grade: D (colorless) GIA Clarity Grade: Internally Flawless Weight: 103.83 carats Owner: The Steinmetz Group At 103.83 carats, this is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. It is described by gemologists as colorless ...

 Spoonmaker's Diamond

The pride of the Topkapi Palace Museum and its most valuable single exhibit is the 86-carat pear-shaped Spoonmaker Diamond, also known as the Kasicki. Surrounded by a double-row of 49 round-cut diamonds and well spotlighted, ...

 Star of America Diamond

The Star of America is the largest Asscher cut "D"-color flawless diamond in the world. It was discovered near the Orange River, originally a rough stone of 225 carats. After nine months of cutting and polishing by the Graff company...

 Star of South Africa Diamond

The Star of South Africa, a 47.69-carat old style pear-shaped diamond, was cut from a crystal of 83.50 carats, and is credited with being the diamond that turned the tides of fortune in South Africa. ...

 Star of the East Diamond

After their marriage in 1908, Edward B. McLean and his bride Evalyn traveled to Europe for their honeymoon. Each had received $100,000 from their respective fathers as a wedding present. ...

 Star of the Season Diamond

In recent years Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi has been a major force at international jewelry auctions. The Sheikh's family business dates from 1907 when he grandfather opened a jewelry shop in Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia. ...

 Star of the South Diamond

The 128.48-carat Star of the South is one of the world's most famous diamonds. Discovered in 1853, it became the first Brazilian diamond to receive international acclaim. The stone was graded as VS-2 in clarity and Fancy Light Pinkish..

 Steinmetz Pink Diamond

GIA Color Grade: Fancy Vivid pink GIA Clarity Grade: Internally Flawless Weight: 59.60 carats Owner: The Steinmetz Group First unveiled in Monaco in May 2003, and briefly worn around the neck of supermodel Helena Christensen..

 Sultan of Morocco Diamond

A 35.27-carat cushion cut grayish-blue diamond. Not much is known about it. In 1969, Cartier lent this diamond to the New York State Museum for their World of Gems Exposition. In 1972 it was sold to a private American collector. ...

 Supreme Purple Star Diamond

According to British Press reports, this rare cranberry-colored diamond surfaced in London sometime in 2002. The diamond was graded by the British Gemological Institute in London. It is believed to be one of its kind and originated in the Amazon ...

 Taylor-Burton Diamond

Diamonds have no mercy... "They will show up the wearer if they can," says one character in The Sandcastle, an early novel by the famous British author, Iris Murdoch. ...

 Tereschenko Diamond

To gem historians, judging by the reaction of the press, and to the general public as well, it is always something of an event when the existence of an unusual stone, up till now known only to a handful of people, becomes more widely known. ...

 Tiffany Yellow Diamond

It is debatable whether Truman Capote's novel Breakfast at Tiffany's did much to increase the prestige of this famous New York jewelry store because long before 1958, the year of the book's publication, it had become a household name ...

 Transvaal Blue Diamond

A pear cut 25-carat blue diamond that was found in the Premier Diamond Mine in Transvaal, South Africa, the same mine the 3106-carat Cullinan crystal was found in. It was once owned by Baumgold Bros., but it's now owned by an unknown foreign buyer....

 Vainer Briolette Diamond

When considering which diamond cuttings centers are the most important, odds are London won't spring to mind as one of them. The city's main role in the diamond trade has been as the major point of distribution of rough diamonds. ..

 Vargas Diamond

On August 13, 1938 Brazil revealed its greatest gem when a diamond weighing 726.6 carats was picked up in the gravels of the San Antonio River in the Coromandel district of Minas Gerais. ...

 Victoria Diamond

The Victoria sits elevated on an acrylic stand. From the very beginning an aura of mystery surrounded the discovery of this gem, which weighed 457½ (old) carats in the rough. Also called the 'Imperial' or 'Great White', it remained the biggest...

 Victoria Transvaal Diamond

The Victoria-Transvaal is a 67.89-carat, champagne-colored, pear shaped stone. It was cut from a 240-carat crystal that was found in the Transvaal, South Africa. The first cutting produced a 75-carat 116-facet stone that measured 1 x 1³/8 inches...

 Walska Diamond

One of the "great unknowns" of the diamond world, the Walska is a 95-carat yellow briolette cut stone. Its size and cutting style is a rival for the Briolette of India, a 90-carat stone and probably the most famous diamond of this cutting...

 Wittelsbach Diamond

How often does one come across phrases such as "present location unknown" or "all trace of the diamond has been lost" when undertaking research into the histories of famous diamonds? ...

 Zale Light of Peace Diamond

In 1969 the Zale Corporation of Dallas purchased in Antwerp a fine blue-white gem weighing 434.6 carats, the source of which was simply stated as West Africa. More specifically it had almost certainly come from Sierra Leone. ...


Famous Diamonds
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Transvaal Blue
Vainer Briolette
Victoria Transvaal
Zale Light of Peace

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