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On Manoeuvres: strategies of war

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Warfighting is an authentic American philosophy of action that will thrill the millions of fans of Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Musashi's The Book of Five Rings.  This modern classic of strategy and philosophy is the quintessential guide to prevailing in competitive situations, be it war, work, play, or daily living.
Sometimes life is war and sometimes business is war and sometimes you need to call in the Marines.  Over the past two hundred years, the Marines have developed a reputation for getting the job done - fearlessly, boldly, and taking no prisoners.  What better role model for the hidden warriors in ourselves?  What better advice to call on when the stakes are high and sensitivity just isn't going to work?  Written in 1989 as a philosophical and strategic guide-book for the US. Marine Corps, Warfighting is a worthy successor to Sun Tzu's The Art Of War.  With clarity, brevity, and wisdom, it describes the basic forces at work in every competitive situation whether on the field of battle, in the boardroom, or in the courtroom.   With twentieth-century technology and its emphasis on speed and versatility, the rules of war and competition have changed.  Warfighting's exploration of maneuver warfare takes readers beyond Sun Tzu's classic lessons and provides them a more thorough understanding of what it takes to fight and win in the modern world.  Currency's edition of Warfighting features interviews with famous former Marines including F. Lee Bailey, Ed McMahon, and Donald Regan.  They tell how they have used the Marine Corps' battle strategies of strength and straightforwardness as their secret weapons in every confrontation, whether at a corporate, departmental or personal level.

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Maneuver Warfare Handbook
(Westview Special Studies in Military Affairs)
by William Lind
Paperback (1985)

This is THE quintessential primer for Maneuver Warriors!     This primer should be on the reading list of every combat arms and combat support officer and NCO in our armed forces.  Bill Lind, a civilian without any military experience, has demonstrated an extraordinary understanding of the art of war.  His book has become the "underground bible" for Maneuver Warfare proponents.  In this book he discusses the theory of Manuever Warfare and its origins, the principles and techniques required to employ maneuver warfare properly, and the education and training required to make it possible.  Much of his work is a 'sort-of' adaptation of the successful Blitzkrieg theory.  He even discusses the differences of bloody, Attrition Warfare (WWI Trenches) versus the more efficient, life-preserving Maneuver Warfare (Desert Storm).  Mr Lind puts these thoughts in the simplest terms even a 'butter-bar' lieutenant could understand.  He completes his discussion with a series of lessons written by an experienced USMC Field Grade Officer on each principle.  Following easy lesson is a brief "homework" exercise designed to test your knowledge and understanding of each principle.  William Lind's Maneuver Warfare Handbook is a must read for any serious-minded, professional soldier who wishes to become an exceptional leader and tactician.

A soldier strategist rewrites the Principles of War!   What is the key to future victory in war?  How should the United States wage war in the 21st Century?  The publication of this book couldn't have been better timed.   Leonhard's excellent investigation of the Principles of War offers a valuable resource for any professional involved in a serious study of the defense of the Nation.   Leonhard challenges the conventional military wisdom of the day and provides an alternative argument that is right on target.  Leonhard argues convincingly that the old rules of war are outdated and must be replaced.  He explains a theory of war that makes sense for today and tomorrow.  If you care about the course of military affairs in the 21st Century, if you are looking for answers to today's military and foreign policy issues, then you must read this book.

Fighting by Minutes
by Robert Leonhard
Hardcover   (1994)

This book argues that time is the primary dimension in modern war and explores the paradoxes of warfare's temporal characteristics.   Leonhard introduces a bold new theory that focuses on time as the critical component that controls all other aspects of war.  Well-grounded in history, Leonhard's work is certain "to take its place as a classic theory of war" according to James R. McDonough, who wrote the foreword.

Superb study of company level warfare!     This book is a must read for every professional soldier and Marine ... or for that matter, anyone interested in ground combat.  If you want a glimpse of what combined arms, ground combat might be like in Kosovo or Korea, read Combat Team!

Infantry Combat: The Rifle Platoon:
An Interactive Exercise in Small-Unit Tactics and Leadership

by John Antal
Paperback  (1995)

In this unique, interactive work, you are platoon leader Steve Davis, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  Your unit has been airlifted into the Middle East, and now you must defend Wadi Al Sirree against the might of an advancing enemy force .  The scenario is realistic and supported by maps, photos and appendices with detailed specifications of hardware and units involved.

Maneuver Warfare; An Anthology
by Richard Hooker, John Galvin
Paperback    (1994)

Recent events in Somalia and Bosnia have shown the profound limitations of massive firepower in limited conflicts.  Yet these are precisely the kinds of wars America is most likely to encounter in the future.  Now, Robert H. Scales, Jr. examines this problem by analysing the role of firepower in the wars in Indochina, the Gulf War, and elsewhere.
MGen. Scales provides the world with a fascinating study of man's recent relationship to technology.  I enjoyed the book and wrote many things in the margins.  MGen. Scales shows how firepower was used and countered in the French and U.S. trials in Viet Nam, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, during British actions on the Falklands and through U.S. Army/Air Force combined operations against Iraq.    Not dry or technical, this book weaves the moral aspect of war with the effects of artillery, naval and air-delivered munitions in a manner which would be clear to both the civilian and military professional.  A great book for those involved in America's national and military strategy or foreign policy, for it illustrates what firepower has and hasn't been recently able to contribute to the foreign policies of France, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the U.S.   Invaluable to those seeking to understand why technology rarely triumphs over human will on the battlefield.   I also recommend it to the casual reader interested in modern military history -- MGen Scales fills his tactical discussions with stories of human interest from all sides of these conflicts.  His discussion on Iraq, for instance, opens with a dramatic story from an Iraqi artillery leader about his experience at the receiving end of American firepower.   My only disappointment is that his discussion of the Iraq war focuses on the U.S. Army and Air Force and to a point that almost discredits the contributions of the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy and the Coalition.  Nonetheless, a worthwhile expenditure and a fine book to keep on the shelf.

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