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Military Subjects
Australian Militaria
Armoury Index
USA War Medals & Patchs
Australian Medals
Australian Order of Precedence
The King's Crown
Appraisal of your military medal
Australian Opal
Famous Gold Nuggets

Australians At War - ANZACs

ANZACs ~ Australians & New Zealanders at War

Gallipoli - The Dardanelles

RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force

Australia at War - First World War - AIF - Charles Bean

RAN - Royal Australian Navy

Australian POWs - ANZAC Prisoners of War at Buchewald and Colditz

Battle of Britain - The RAF and the Luftwaffe fought for Air Power

The Vietnam War

The TET Offensive of 1968 was supposed to mark a turning point in the war in Vietnam.

Kiwis - New Zealanders in Vietnam - ANZACs

The Story of the SAS

Hand to hand combat

Propaganda Postcards

Propaganda Postcards and Cartoons WWII

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Japanese Samurai Swords

Japanese Sword Master - Zen & The Way of the Sword / The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master

The Crown Jewels - Queen Victoria's Crown

Victorian period: The History of Jewelry, Jewellery and Jewelery



Eureka Militaria Militaria - Military & Police Collectables - Medals, badges, insignia, swordsMilitaria - Military & Police Collectables - Medals, badges, insignia, swordsMilitaria - Military & Police Collectables - Medals, badges, insignia, swords

Eureka Militaria 

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Militaria - Military & Police Collectables - Medals, badges, insignia, swords

Australian Militaria
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Medals of America

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US Presidential Citation
Read the story of 6RAR and their United States Presidential Unit Citation (Army)

West Point Academy & US Air Force Academy military book cadet reading list

US Naval Academy - Required Reading - US Naval Institute


U.S Marines Sword
U.S Marines Sword

US Air Force Academy cadet reading list & sword & insignia

The Congressional Medal of Honor

American Military Patch Guide
by Pete Morgan

US Leather Patches

Military Regalia
Knights Templar
Da Vinci Code
The King's Crown
The Queen's Crown
War Memorial
Australians killed in Vietnam

US medals awarded to Australians

Use these pages to search for your medal or badge - Eureka Militaria may be able to find an original medal (not however one issued to a particular individual, we find original medals for collectors) - please Contact us to enquire

British Military and United States Regulation Dress Swords - These are the regulation dress swords issued to officers of the U.S. and British Armed Forces, each built to the most exacting military specifications by the official U.S. and British Government contractor.

Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia of the United States Marine Corps: World War II to Present by James Thompson

U.S. Military Medals 1939 to Present by Frank Foster